Apple Spaceship headquaters delayed till mid 2016

The unique spaceship shaped Apple Headquaters won’t be built til mid 2016. The delay was cause by an environmental survey that won’t be completed til 2014.

The headquarters is designed as a big circle featuring four stories and a whopping 2.8 million square feet. The new Apple headquarters may house as many as 14,200 people. The design of the spaceship will not have a single piece of straight glass as it entirely curved. The campus will be 80 percent landscape with 7,000 trees.

via Cnet

Slashgear reviews iPad 4th Gen

Slashgear has posted up a review of the 4th generation iPad. The iPad was blip on the announcement scale when everyone was anticipating the iPad Mini. The review points out this is a very minimal update with chip upgrade, new connector, and better front facing camera.

The third-generation iPad arguably didn’t need refreshing; in fact, if Apple hadn’t opted to change to Lightning, it could realistically have held off changing its largest tablet until early 2013, as per its typical yearly refresh cycle. That makes for a reasonably straightforward upgrade decision if you’re a 3rd-gen iPad owner. Unless you’re desperate for Lightning – perhaps you’ve also got an iPhone 5, and want to use all the same accessories rather than buy the adapter dongle – then we’re yet to see apps that really demand the potent A6X chipset.

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US Cellular brings LTE to more markets

US Cellular is bringing LTE into several markets. The first markets will include Iowa, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia. It is still not known when they will pull the switch into 4G. For now you can check the map on the site for coverage areas of LTE.

via Engadget