Zenly – NYC apartment renting made easy

Zenly is an online marketplace for New York City Apartment rentals. The site offers listings of apartments with photos, walkthroughs, and video. You can schedule a visit of the apartment with just 1-click. And finally apply for the apartment without the need of a broker, saving you money on brokerage fees.

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Swivl is the must have device for Teachers

Swivl started as a Kickstarter project that raised $157,000 and was released in 2012. The Swivl was a little dock taht panned around to follow Bluetooth remote control. The product was geared towards videographers and presenters to film themselves live.

After initial buzz, Brian Lamb creator of Swivl found feedback that this device should be geared toward education. Teachers loved the idea of the Swivl which could record multi-hour-long recordings of lectures they taught.

The product Swivl is not geared towards education and continues to see promise. The Swivl is selling well to lecturers, teachers, and presenters.

Swivl HERE

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Soylent is an interesting concept of food. The product is a food substitute that is intented to supply the daily amount of nutritional value the human body requires.

Soylent comes in a dry powder form along with an oil blend. You mix Soylent with water for each serving. The product requires no heating and has an extended shelf life. The product has approval from FDA as GRAS (generally recognized as safe).

The product is available on the site HERE

Zelda Wisdom – A dog inspires 50 million dollar startup

Zelda Wisdom is a start-up that features humor dog greeting cards, checks, posters, and more. The company recently been valued at an estimated $50 million dollars.

The start-up began when a women Carol Gardner got divorced as was depressed. The divorce attorney mentioned to go to a therapist or get a dog. Gardner got an English bulldog she named Zelda. A friend suggested Gardner enter Zelda into a local pet store Christmas card contest. She entered with a photo of the dog in a bathtub with a Santa hat and won 40 pounds of dog food for a year.

This gave Gardner the idea to create a humor greeting card business featuring her dog. The market for this idea was ripe for the taking. And Gardner with the help a PR person and photographer grew the business which has been featured on Oprah and deals in place with American Greeting is a success story.

Check out the start-up HERE

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Sassy Six

Sassy Six is site that inspires and empowers women wordwide with sucess stories and a network of entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizers, business owners, freelancers, consultants, creators, innovators and leaders.

Unleash your #Sassy! #Sassy #Savvy #Sexy #Smart #Social #Strong

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FYM Hot Sauce utilizes Reddit to help fund KickStarter Campaign

FYM Hot Sauce was smart to use Reddit to his advantage. The hot sauce maker first reached out to Reddit r/Portland community offering up some free samples for feedback on his sauce. Then he went one step further and went to Reddit r/hotsauce for more free samples which will be used to gain feedback and tesimonials when his Kickstarter page launches.

The use of the prelaunch hype from Reddit helped this man reach his goal and beyond. The Kickstarter page is currently at $48,459 of a goal that was only $5,500.

We may see more people utilize the Reddit community to help fund crowd-sourcing projects.

Kickstarter Page HERE

LeVar Burton trying to bring back Reading Rainbow for the next generation of kids through Kickstarter campaign

We all know LeVar Burton for his role in Star Trek: The Next Generation. He also was Kunta Kinte from Root and was host of Reading Rainbow. Burton is trying to KickStart a return of the show Reading Rainbow through Kickstarter.

The new Reading Rainbow will be a web series on the net through funding of the Kickstarter page which has already reached it’s goal. In addition the funding will go towards specialized classroom versions and delivered to schools in need.

Pledge at Kickstarter HERE