FreedomPop close to 250,000 subscribers for it’s free mobile service

FreedomPop is close to hitting 250,000 later this month while adding 100,000 customer this year alone. Initially FreedomPop launched a WIFI hotspot service but then added a phone service in October. FreedomPop offers a free data,text, and voice plan with higher tiers for extra services.

FreedomPop states that 60 percent of phone customers stick to the free plan. The free plan is free but customers have to be careful of overages.

FreedomPop also launched a new $20 unlimited plan that gets you unlimited text messages, voice minutes, and data. The $20 unlimited plan include 1GB of LTE data per month then is throttled back to 3G.

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verykool launches 5 inch quad-core smartphone

InfoSonics Corporation has announced a new smartphone to it’s lineup. The verykool s505 smartphone is the company best phone to date. The S505 nicknamed the “Spark” will feature a 1.3Ghz Quard Core processor paired with Android Jelly Bean operating system.

The phone will get an upgrade to Android 4.4 Kitkat through a partnership with Red Bend Software.

The Spark featurs a 5 inch HD IPS display, slim 8mm profile, with a $199 price tag unlocked with GSM carrier of your choosing.

Spark is the first smartphone to come with Personal Safety Servies application from MobileTREC that allows texting to 911.

InfoSonics noted the following additional details of the s505:

3G HSPA+ 21 Mbps DL, 5.6 Mbps UL; 3G (850/1900/2100 and 850/1700/2100); 2G (850/1900)

Connectivity includes Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot, modem tethering, Bluetooth, GPS, A-GPS and USB port

1280×720 HD IPS-LCD on-cell touch screen with full lamination

SMS and MMS messaging plus push e-mail, IM and SNS

Built-in FM radio, multimedia player and recorder, 1080 HD video recording

2,000 mAh Li-Ion battery

Speakerphone, proximity/light/gravity sensors and 3.5mm audio jack

Stereo headset, travel adapter and charger included

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Fancy Hands hires new CEO

Fancy Hands, a New York City company focused on remote personal assistant services has just hired a new CEO. Joshua Boltuch former founder of Amie Street, will take over duties from founder Ted Roden at Boltuch’s will manage Fancy Hands business operations and partnerships such as the recent Pepsi/Lipton deal, while founder Ted Roden focuses on building the product of Fancy Hands.

via TechCrunch – Personal Assistant Startup

Fancy Hands is a unique online personal assistant startup. The company will call stores to find an item, call for reservations, make appointments, and other things. The company does this at a flat rate as low as $25 for 5 request, $45 for 15 request, and $65 for 25 request.

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Ranker is a site that ranks everything. The site lists various rankings for subjects in sports, entertainment, news, people and other things.

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Pope has Twitter account but not Facebook

Pope Francis will not join Facebook even though he has embraced social media. Facebook representatives tried hard to push Pope Francis to start a offical Facebook account but they did not prevail. The reason is that the Pope representatives did not like that Facebook abusive comments were harder to clean up. Abusive comments on Twitter can easily be ignored on Twitter while Facebook it’s much more difficult. In the end the people Pope Francis media pages are run by did not feel it was worth the time to maintain a Facebook page.

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Rumor Samsung may unveil standalone Smartwatch as early as June

The current crop of SmartWatches you needed to pair with a phone but the new SmartWatch Samsung will unveil will allow you to make and receive calls without having to tether a mobile device.

Samsung is working with an unidentified US, Korean and European telecommunications carriers about a so-called “watch-phone” that is rumored to be unveiled between June or July of this year.

The proposed watch-phone will run on Samsung’s Tizen operating software and take photos, handle email, and monitor your heart rate.

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Fitbit and Pebble lead the wearable fitness bands and Smartwatch category

According to Canalys, Fitness owns nearly half of the global market on fitness brands while Pebble is ahead of Sony and Samsung in the Smart-watch category.

Jawbone also saw rapid growth with it’s UP24 fitness tracker by expanding to the international market.

Nike has decided to leave the hardware wearable market and focus solely on Fuel software for other wearable brands.

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Photobucket Mobile app adds 8GB of Free Storage and auto backups your phone photos and videos

I have used Photobucket to host my photos for this blog. The storage fills up quick but now Photobucket Mobiles adds an additional 8GB of free storage to your free account. You just simply download the app for iOS or Android and login with your account details and you add 8GB of free storage to your account. In addition the app can auto backup the videos and photos on your phone.

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Health Inspectors Are Reading Your Yelp Reviews

New York City’s health department was trying to track down outbreak of food-borne illness 3 years ago at a particular restaurant. One Health Inspector took upon himself to check Yelp for reviews where people got sick.

The agency created a Yelp profile and messaged people who got sick at this restaurant to find out more info on the outbreak. After this inspectors now are using Yelp to track down outbreaks. The department uses data feeds, keywords such as “vomit,” “diarrhea,” and “food poisoning, and public reviews to track down outbreaks of food-borne illnesses.

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