JD.com goes live as founder becomes Internet Billionaire

Photograph by Imaginechina via AP Photo
Liu joined forces with another Billionaire, Pony Ma of Tencent to fight the battle against Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent.

Tencent owns 15 percent stake in JD.com which was purchased for $215 million. JD.com shares is priced at $19 apiece making it’s value around $26 billion.

JD.com runs more like Amazon where they will sell goods directly to people in China while Alibaba is more like an Ebay.

via Business Week

Gravity Smart Bracelet

Gravity makes the do-it-all smart bracelet that has 15 different interchangeable modules. The Smart modular bracelet has endless possibilities for it’s use. The project has huge ambitions and if pulled off could put other wearables on notice.

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RagLite – Light Anywhere

Raglite Technology offers up first-ever, flexible LED light bank you can use for photography, film making, and more. Lighting is very important when it comes to photography and video so the Raglite solves this problem by having the Raglite to take with you on your next shoot or Guerrilla film making project.

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Loliware – Cup in the future will be edible?

Loliware is a Biodeg(edible) cup that you can eat.

Here is a description on the site.

LOLIWARE are biodegr(edible) cups designed to complement a variety of beverages. While you’re sipping your drink, you can even eat your cup, and any remnants can be composted. Sure to spark conversation in the hands of guests at parties and events, LOLIWARE’s artisanal flavor and unique texture enliven every occasion. Made entirely of vegan, biodegradable ingredients, LOLIWARE is a delicious alternative to ‘disposable’ cups destined for the landfill. Put down the plastic and enjoy the future of sustainability: 100% Biodegr(edible).

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Quitbit lighter

Quitbit is a smart lighter that tracks your smoking habits. Quitbit lighter is used to help you to stop smoking by getting an idea of how much your smoking and how you can quit gradually.

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Google Glass causes headaches

Dr Eli Peli has told Betabeat that Google Glass can cause eye pain. This is due to Glass requiring the user to look off the side to the right eye. Your eye is not trained to look at the far off corner for so long that the eye becomes fatigued. Users have been reported getting headaches from wearing Google Glass. Peli says it’s not really a headache but eye muscles feeling discomfort. Peli says that after a week of use your eye will adjust to this and the pain will go away.

via Business Insider