CleverPet: A Dog Game Console

A WIFI connected device that both entertains your Dog and educates them at the same time. CleverPet gives the dog a treat when the Dog gets the right answer to the learning game. The game is a light and touch game that the dog must figure out.

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Kickstarter Clingies™ offers a unique towel with magnets that clings to objects. At the gym you can cling the towel to the treadmill and have it available when you workup a sweat. In the kitchen you can cling the Clingies™ to the counter-top using the Docking Dots. The bathroom you can use the Clingies™ attached to the shower. The possibilities are endless what you can do with the Clingies™ and you can get one yourself for as little as $11.

Clingies™ has already reached it’s goal within 10 hours of listing it’s Kickstarter page.

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Mark Zuckerberg sued

Mark Zuckerberg who bought out all his neighbors to have some peace and quiet just got sued. Mircea Voskerician a developer who wanted to purchase a property next door to Zuckerberg agreed to not buy it provided Zuckerberg introduce him to Zuckerbergs rich friends. Now Voskerician is suing as he feels Zuckerberg failed to live up to the verbal agreement.

via Fortune