Healthy Selfie App – App that mixes losing weight with selfies

Healthy Selfie App is a new app that tracks your body’s progression through taking selfies. The idea is that as you show your new body image you can document it and motivate you to lose more weight for a healthier you. In addition you can keep a food diary with all your recipes in the app. Healthy Selfie App selfie pics can be shared private or public for those who want to provide good motivation for others to follow.

Check out Healthy Selfie App HERE

Shots – Selfies and Photo app

Shots app is a way to share photo and selfies of what you are doing at the moment. The app also includes a chat feature with friends by using Reply Shot you can respond to a selfie by using a private message.

Check out Shots by Shots Mobile, Inc. HERE

LokLok – Messenger app that works on the Lock Screen of your Android Phone

LokLok is one of the coolest chat programs I have heard about recently. LokLok works directly on your lock screen to chat with friends and family. LokLok takes your lock screen and creates a shared lock screen that only your inner circle can see. The lock screen is sync with others in you group. You can take a picture and then scribble a message which someone close to you can see and respond to. The groups are private and no history is saved.

Check out LokLok HERE

Braintree – Accept payments in your app or website

Braintree offers the ability to accept payments online. Braintree offers no fees for the first $50,000 in transactions which is pretty darn good deal.

Braintree powers many mobile apps from Uber, HotelTonight and Fab. The company had dealt over $4 Billion in mobile transaction. Braintree is available in US, Europe, Australia, and Canada. Merchants can accept payments in 130+ currencies. And best of all Braintree pays out fast within 2 business days for most transaction.

Check out Braintree HERE

TapPainter – Preview wall paint with this app

TapPainter is a cool app where you take a picture of a wall and can recolor the wall any color you wish. TapPainter is great when you want to change colors of a room but don’t know what color looks best.

The app allows you to choose from thousands of real paint colors or enter a color code from a paint swatch. TapPainter offers a near real image of a wall would look like in a different color.

Check out TapPainter HERE

Osper – Prepaid Debit Card targeted for Young People in UK with banking app for parents

Today you will find very few kids who do not own the latest tech and smartphones. Osper is trying to make kids responsible for their own purchases. Youngsters today are spending tons of their parent’s money at the mall and online. Osper is trying to curb over spending teens by offering a debit card with the ability to track funds and purchases through an app.

Osper aim is to create an environment for young people to learn early how to manage their money. The prepaid debit card is aimed at kids 8-18. The card is backed by Mastercard so can be used virtually anywhere.

To use Osper, Young People must be at least 8 years old, and must sign up with a parent or legal guardian. Parents or guardians must be a UK residents with a Debit Card from a UK bank. The Osper App runs on Android and Apple devices including any iOS device running 6.0 or higher (iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad).

Check out Osper Prepaid Debit Card for youngsters HERE

Makeup Genius

Makeup Genius is a new app by L’Oreal Paris that allows you to instantly apply makeup onto your own reflection in real-time. The app allows you to test out different styles and colors of makeup before you purchase. Makeup Genius also allows you to save the photo and share with others.

Check out Makeup Genius HERE

You&Me – Messaging for Couples

You & Me message app is geared toward couples who want to exchange messages, text, and video to each other in a private chat. The chat program has a library where you can post all your couple pictures. You can send secret messages that are hidden till your partner reveals them. You&Me also has a music sharing feature to send to your significant other.

Check out You & Me chat HERE

LifeGuides – Mentors who help you through life guides

LifeGuides startup offers mentors to help you guide through the right path in business and life’s challenges. Mentors are great as they have been there and done that. Mentors can help with advice that might nudge you into the right direction. The guides at LifeGuides is a way to get answers for questions you may have from those with more experience in your field.

Check out LifeGuides HERE

Authorea – Write science together

Authorea goal is to offer a collaborative platform for research. The site allows you to write and manage your technical documents in one place.

Authorea allows you to type out research and collaborate with other authors working with you on your work. The site also allows you to comment with your coauthors and undo mistakes. Finally when your ready you can publish articles to a journal and export it with one click.

Check out Authorea HERE