Subtitles app – No more searching for subtitles

Subtitles app automatically finds and downloads subtitles for your movies and TV shows. This is a great app for those who watch a lot of foreign films and shows. The app works by dropping the video into subtitles and the program will find the correct subtitle. The download is available in Mac or Windows.

Check out Subtitles app HERE

Tessel Anti-Gravity Pack inspired by Space Exploration

The Tessel AG Pack was inspired by Daniel Shirley fascination with space exploration. He went on to design this Tessel AG Pack that is a modular pack system. Each piece of the Tessel AG (Anti-Gravity) Pack is designed to separate and fulfill a specific mission. The backpack uses magnetic hardware to easy attach and detach its components.

The Tessel AG Pack allows you to use the complete unit or carry the parts you need. The AG Pack has coated zippers and fabrics to protect anything from a 15″ laptop to your flash-drive.

Check out the Kickstarter Page HERE

Beacon & Lively – Jewelry and Tech in one Smart Bracelet

Beacon & Lively are currently taking preorders through Kickstarter for their smart bracelet. The B&L Cuff features ambient colors and slight vibrations for notifications of someone calling with the ability to shut it off with a flick of the wrist.

The B&L Cuff has different illuminating colors to indicate different groups such as friends, coworkers, babysitter and more. You set the colors that indicate who they are and instantly know who is calling.

Other features include

-Design that fits your style – The B&L Cuff is cast in a modern design that compliments your lifestyle. It’s jewelry first, technology second.
-Ambient alerts that you control – Notification-specific colors, patterns and vibration intensity can be easily customized by you. Make the B&L Cuff reflect your particular aesthetic and fit into your particular surrounding.
-Discreet muting – Turning off notifications is as seamless as a flick of the wrist or a tap on the cuff.
-A battery that lasts a work week – The battery lasts about 5 days on a single charge.
-Personalized profiles – You can configure your alerts by notification type (text, email, phone, etc.).
-VIPs – Set unique alert profiles for the people that matter most on your contact list.
-Illumination-off mode – Turn off illumination for movies, meetings, and other times when you require the illumination alerts to stay off (alerts by vibration only).

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Cleandicator Automatic “Clean/Dirty” Dishwasher Indicator

Cleandicator makes sure you only wash dirty dishes in the dishwasher and not clean ones. In the past you may have used stickers or magnet to indicate your dishes are clean. The Cleandicator makes it convenient to know your dishes are clean every time by indicating whether the load is clean or not.

The Cleandicator is an easy way to visual track your clean cycle for your dishwasher. Head over to Kickstarter to pledge your support for this project HERE

Riyo – Smartphone case that doubles as a minimalist wallet

The Riyo is a Smartphone case that also has a built in wallet inside. The Riyo can hold your Smartphone and 3 card where you can put your ID, credit cards, membership cards in.

Riyo’s unique Taffy Wrap body hold snugly your phone for maximum protection. The card holder allows for easy one hand removable of your license or student ID card with little effort.

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OneBowl – College Students you must own this all-in-one Ramen bowl

In college almost every student is fueled by Ramen as it’s cheap quick meal for hungry students. OneBowl just made the whole process of eating Ramen noodles a lot easier. The OneBowl is a microwave-safe bowl with a built-in strainer and a snap-on lid.

When living in dorms we had limited space to eat so a product that you can make meals in without much effort is a major plus. The OneBowl you can make noodles, wash and strain fresh fruit and vegetables make oatmeal and eat cereal in.

Head over to the Kickstarter page to pledge for this project HERE

Belly – Startup is the world’s best loyalty program for businesses

Customer loyalty is very important to businesses which is why loyalty programs work well to bring the customers back. Belly is about to change the way loyalty programs work by offering a fun way to earn points and get rewards. The punch card loyalty program are a thing of the past.

Belly uses target specific campaign that is specific to your business. The service allows you to send emails to engage the customer. Belly allows you to offer free samples or service to bring customers in. And finally Belly offers analytic to find which campaign worked and which did not.

Check out Belly Card HERE

InkFlu – Allows you to find Tattoo Artists, Showcase Tattoo artwork and plan your next custom tattoo

InkFlu is squarely aim at the tattoo industry to make life a whole lot easier for tattoo artists to make a living. The service allows artist to have digital consultation, schedule an appointment, sketch out the tattoo and then finally work on the tattoo. InkFlu also allows tattoo artist to create an online portfolio of their work to potential customers.

Those looking to get a new tattoo will find a directory of artists available to work on your next custom tattoo. InkFlu allows you to search for specialty of tattoo artist, location and cost. In addition the service allows you to send a design directly to the artist and the artist can send back a sketch along with a quote of the pricing of the custom tattoo. When the design is agreed upon you can book the appointment using the app.

Check out inkFlu HERE

Loopd – Business cards a thing of the past

Loopd uses Apple’s iBeacon technology to exchange contact info by being in close proximity to others in a room. The app would be ideal in business events to connect and build professional networks. With Loopd you will never missed the opportunity to network with people who matter in your field of business.

Loopd app identifies the location, time, and date of every interaction. Loopd app provides info on telephone numbers, email addresses and Linkedin profiles.

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