Paradine – Keep track of your entire network of favorite restaurants

Paradine allows you to build a profile of your personal favorite restaurant and share them with your friends, coworkers, family, and clients. The app allows you to categorize the restaurants and write why they are great.

The network of family, friends, clients, and coworkers can see on Paradine where you like to dine and others in your network dine at. The app is a great way to get instant restaurant recommendation from the people you trust.

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HelloFresh – Offers a recipe and the ingredients to your door

HelloFresh makes cooking easy and healthy. The service offers a recipe and all the ingredients needed to make the dish which is delivered to your door. HelloFresh sends you the freshest produce and deliver free to your home. Once you receive the box of produce and recipe you can prepare the dish in about 30 minutes. The service offers a weekly delivery with the option to skip weeks you do not wish to purchase.

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SmartQuad The Best Travel Charger

SmartQuad Travel Charger is a super powerful travel charger that can charge up to 4 iPads at one time. The travel charger can also charge your Android phone, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and other USB devices. Power users like me who have multiple devices to charge will appreciate the SmartQuad travel charger’s ability to charge up all my devices at once. SmartQuad has made it convenient to charge up your devices without the fuss.

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RelayRides – Ridesharing where you rent out your vehicle

RelayRides is trying to disrupt rental cars by offers a service where everyday people rent out their car. The service allows you to list you car up for rent per day, week, or month. The service is national and I searched in my area and found at least 20 cars/suvs available for rent.

RelayRides is cheaper than rental car services and has a million dollar liability insurance policy. In addition the service screens renters to make sure they are responsible for your vehicle. Just like a rental service you walk-through to make sure no damage on the vehicle before and after the vehicle is rented. The review system allows you to rate the car owner as well as the renter.

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AnyPerk – Offers employees perks to keep them happy

AnyPerk is a service where businesses can offer perks for being an employee for said business. The perks are usually discounts at stores, restaurants, fitness membership, hotels, shopping and more.

AnyPerk has partnered with hundreds of vendors to provide discounts for employees. The service is already used by 2,500+ companies.

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