fypio – Real estate app that finds you the perfect home based on what’s important to you

fypio is an app that will launch in summer of 2014 that helps you find your dream home. With fypio you can search for your dream home by what’s important to you. The app allows you to choose three important criteria such as safety, schools, shopping, entertainment, neighbors, greenspace, dog friendly, coastal, health and more. The fypio app narrow your dream house search based on what you want.

The app also allows you to compare by room such as checking out the homes bedroom or photos of a swimming pool. The app allows you to collect your favorite homes and favorite parts of each home. You can also share the collections of homes you collected.

Check out fypio HERE

Open-Me App – Smart Garage Door opener

Open-Me app allows you to open and close your garage door with a simple app and device with your existing garage door opener. Now you can open your garage door with your iPhone, Android Phone, Tablet, PC or any other connected device.

Open-Me app allows you use the GPS built in your Smartphone to open your garage door automatically. The Open-Me app uses wireless to communicate with your garage door thus allows you to open and close your garage door anywhere in the world.

Another great feature is that Open-Me will remind you if you forgot to close your garage door opener through a text alert to your phone.

Check out Open-Me HERE

Sweet Spot Wheels – Grand Rapids startup creates smooth & silent sliding wheels to the longboarding community

Sweet Spot Wheels offers it’s fast, smooth, predictable Sweet Spot Wheels for the longboard community. The longboard wheels are made in the USA with a price tag of $48 and founders are made up of riders themselves. The company also offers 10% of all sales to building wells in Africa through the “Sweet Water Well Foundation”.

Check out Sweet Spot Wheels HERE

ProtonMail – Secure and Encrypted Email service on Indiegogo

ProtonMail which has already reached it goal and beyond with $203,866 in pledges so far is offering really secure email. The email service called ProtonMail was created by MIT and CERN workers. The service will be based and developed in Switzerland. The goal of ProtonMail is to protect it’s user from governments entities.

Check out the ProtonMail Indiegogo page HERE and homepage HERE

PocketScan – Scanner you can take anywhere

PocketScan is a pocket scanner that is currently getting funding from Kickstarter. The PocketScan is the world’s smallest wireless scanner – slightly larger than a business card and super light. PocketScan is a perfect scanner to pair with your your PC, Mac, or iPad. The Kickstarter page is a smashing success with $207,974 pledge.

Pledge to this project HERE

Workmob – Share, discover and follow companies you love

Workmob is a site all about companies and brands. You can add companies and their info and share with others companies you like. The idea is to have a company page for every company to stay updated on the latest happenings with the company. The site is a great way to find local small businesses you that you want to learn about. In addition you can follow big brands and become a fan of a company as well as go directly to the companies website.

Check out what Workmob has to offer HERE

Flippa – Buy and Sell Domains, websites, and apps

Flippa allows you to buy and sell domains, websites, and apps. Buyers can bid up auctions for domains they wan to purchase. Sellers of domains will pay a basic $9 for listing domain for sale and 10% for successful sale of domain. I have been to other domain sale sites but Flippa appears to be the easiest to use with a clean interface.

Check out Flippa HERE to buy or sell your next domain name, website or app