HireOurHero – Hire a veteran or first responder for your next job or task

HireOurHero is a startup that aims to connect citizens with veteran own businesses. The company holds a database of businesses owned by veterans and first responders that you can hire today to do your roofing, decking, plumbing, gardening and more.

The startup currently is working in San Antonio, Houston, College Station, Dallas and San Diego with more cities to follow.

HireOurHero asks why not hire a veteran or first responder that has done so much for our country when you think of hiring someone for a job.

Check out HireOurHero HERE

Product Hunt – Is like the Nba Draft for Startups and Products

Product Hunt is the daily leader board for best new products. I like to think of site like a mock draft for startups where the players are the startup/products and the owners(VC and Investors) choose to invest in the startups with the most potential. Product Hunt makes it easy to find out what is the next great startup, app, and product on the market.

Product Hunt is used by Journalist to get the next story on the hot new startup/app. Venture Capitalist use the site to find the next potential Uber, Facebook, or billion dollar idea. And the public uses the site to find cool new products and services.

Check out Product Hunt HERE

Vibbi – Next generation online profile/resume

Vibbi allows you to create an online profile complete with resume, videos, photos, sound and documents. Vibbi allows you to showcase your skills and connect with potential employers. I can see where this could help those in fields such as Social Media Marketers, PR, Community Managers, Entrepreneurs, and others. I can compare the service to LinkedIn with a bit more interaction with the ability to link up social media info as well as video, photos, and documents you can present yourself to employers with all your info.

Check out Vibbi HERE

Eta – Kickstarter project to create world’s fastest bike

AeroVelo is trying to create the worlds fastest bike to reach 133.8 km/h and set a new world record! The current record is 83.1 mph (133.8 km/h) by a dutch team who created the VeloX3 bike. AeroVelo’s previous project the Atlas helicopter won the Sikorsky prize of $250,000.

The project is currently on Kickstarter with a $8,429 of $30,000 to be funded. Pledge to this project HERE

Smile Mom – Mom to Mom Community

Smile Mom connects mom with other moms in the area who have similar age kids. The app is great for new moms looking for a local support group.

Smile Mom has features like ask questions about parenting in real-time to local moms, buy/sell/trade baby items, and arrange meet-up and playdates. Smile Mom is an app to bring mothers together with the same goal of raises kids.

Check out Smile Mom HERE

eRated – Single place for all your seller ratings

Erated takes all your ratings from Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Ecrater, and other sites and create a single page of ratings. Buyers will now know who they can trust across the board of eCommerce sites. This is also helpful for less popular sites I buy/sell/trade at where I have no feedback and want people to trust that I am a good seller.

I can see where this startup can be helpful. I have an Amazon, Etsy, Ecrater and Ebay account and would love to combine my ratings to one to show my positive feedback to customers across the board. Erated plan is to disrupt e-commerce ratings and they just might do that.

Check out eRated HERE

Greenhouse – Browser extension that tells you where U.S. politician get their money from

Greenhouse is a free browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that exposes who contributes to each politician using a quick card of all contributors. When reading on Google news for a story which quotes a politician you can now hover over a name which brings up the quick card to his/her donations.

This is a great way to find if politicians are in a conflict of interest when proposing new proposals. The browser extension was created by 16 year old whiz kid Nicholas Rubin.

Detroit Electric nearing completion of SP:01 electric sports car

Start-up electric vehicle maker Detroit Electric is getting closer to release it’s SP:01 electric sports car. The company said Wednesday it’s finishing up testing at a facility in Europe. The company will announce more details about sales timelines next week.

Detroit Electric hopes to sell 999 of it’s two seat sports car at a price of $135,000 each. The company is touting the SP:01 as the world’s fastest electric vehicle sporting a 0 to 62mph in 3.7 seconds and reaching a top speed of 155mph. The main competitor Tesla Model S is 25 mph slower than SP:01 if figures are accurate.

Check out Detroit Electric HERE

Bubble – no code required to make your own web or mobile app

Bubble is a no code required app creator. The service allows you to create a mobile or web app using a drag and drop editor. The app can be published with one click and Bubble covers all the behind the scenes backend of the app. The app can feature transactions, subscriptions, and process payments. You app can connect to social media networks to authenticate the user.

Bubble is free to build an app and charges only when you publish your app to the market.

Check out Bubble HERE

Stylekick App – Fashionistas wanted!

Stylekick is an app that allows you to find street styles and then go out and purchase it online. A full outfit is shown on Stylekick which you can swipe to flip through styles and then a link to purchase each piece is presented to the user. At the moment not all bloggers who post have tag their clothing brands. You can share the look on social media sites, like the look and save pieces for later viewing. Stylekick also learns from your likes and recommends you outfits based on your personal style.

Check out StyleKick App HERE