Forage – Recreate restaurant dishes at home

Forage offers a service that gathers the best recipes from notable restaurants and ships the ingredients needed to make it. The person then receives the ingredients, recipe, and tips from the chef. You can now create a dish that the best restaurants prepare from their menu.

Home cooking sometimes get stagnate, cooking the same thing over and over again. Forage helps you open your mind to new possibilities and helps you prepare awesome dishes at home. Check out Forage HERE

FishFlops – footwear line for kids and young adults

FishFlops was created by 16 year old designer/creator Madison Nicole with help of her father, that showed her love of swimming, fishing and drawing. FishFlops each features a unique design with sea creatures to create something special in each pair. The company sells online, through retailers such as Nordstroms, and FishFlops has recently launch a line of sandals for women as well.

FishFlops also has donated over 20,000 pairs of FishFlops to various charities. Check out FishFlops HERE

NomadPlus – 2-in-1 charging solution

NomadPlus turns your Apple wall charger into a backup battery. The NomadPlus connects to your wall charger and adds a 1500mAh battery. The NomadPlus pack enough power to charge your phone 70% after you unplug it from the wall. The NomadPlus would be ideal for traveler that need emergency backup battery when they are not near an outlet.

The NomadPlus is available for preorder for just $39. Preorder the item HERE

Eaze – Medical Marijuana Delivery

Eaze is a startup that makes it easy to order medical Marijuana that is delivered to your home. The service is currently available to patients in San Francisco. Eaze delivers medical Marijuana to most patients in 10 minutes on average.

Patients can register on their mobile device and Eaze’s proprietary technology verifies each patients eligibility in seconds and provide access to Eaze’s growing network of dispensaries. A professional caregiver hand delvers medicine to patient’s home. Patients can track the deliver by using their mobile phones.

Check out Eaze HERE

Privlo – Mortgage Loans for reponsible borrowers when banks say No

Privlo are helping borrowers get mortgage loans when banks refuse. Provlo helps those with careers, lifestyle, or finances that prevent them from getting a traditional loan.

Privlo is looking for people that want to get a mortgage loan to purchase a residential property, refinance an existing mortgage, looking for a 5 or 7-year adjustable rate mortgage loan or have proof of income that does not meet traditional guidelines.

Privlo is ideally looking for people who are business owners, self employed, uneven income because of career, foreign nationals, single blemish on credit report or recent graduates that landed a great job.

Check out Privlo HERE

Erorentals – Luxury short term vacation rentals

Erorentals is a startup to help people find luxury short term vacation rentals. The idea came when athletes and celebrities were looking for rentals in the Miami area for Superbowl XL. EroRentals quickly found there was a market for short term rentals.

Erorentals LLC has grown to the leader in South Florida’s luxury short term vacationl rental market. The site helps people find the best lodging experience in South Florida and Israel.

Erorentals manages private owned units in major condo hotels offers luxury accommodations in luxury hotels such as the Fontainebleau, the Mondrian, the Trump Hotel, the Canyon Ranch and many more, at less than half the price of the front desk.

Check out Erorentals HERE

Kollecto – Personal Art Advisor for you walls

Kollecto is a subscription based service that offers a real life art adviser to decorate your walls with art. The adviser will chat with using video chat and then negotiate prices and help you collect art that will look amazing in your house.

Pricing on the subscription based service starts at $40 per month and goes up to $80 per month. Check out Kollecto HERE

WeddingDJ – iOS app for running your wedding’s music

WeddingDJ is your DIY solution to play wedding music for your special day. The app allows you to plan your tunes, take request and reorder tracks on the fly, and prevents mistakes.

WeddingDJ helps you prepare your music for your wedding day. It offers the ability to make adjustments on the fly as problems arise. WeddingDJ is available now for $5 at the app store. For more details check out WeddingDJ HERE

GoGlove – Wearable Bluetooth glove that control your music

GoGlove is a wearable Bluetooh enabled glove that ineracts with your Smartphone. The idea came about from the frustration of dealing with music while skiing. GoGlove is geared towards skiiers, runners, bikers, and more.

GoGlove allows you to play, pause, skip, back, control volume, take a picture and activate Siri, from your fingertips, wireless. In addition to the GoGlove, backers of the Kickstarter project will get a GoBand which is a wrist strap version with buttons when not wearing the GoGlove.

Check out the GoGlove project HERE

ScratchJr – Coding for kids

ScratchJr is an app that helps young children learn coding at a young age. The app is geared towards kids ages 5-7, which helps them program their own interactive stories and games. In the process of playing games, they learn to solve problems, design projects, and express themselves creatively on the computer.

ScratchJr is a collaboration between the DevTech Research Group at Tufts University, the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab, and the Playful Invention Company.

Check out Scratch Jr HERE