Fresh – Discover new products and review products along the way

Fresh allows you to discover new products along with a chance to review products that hit the market. Fresh is marketed towards brands that get less noticed such as products that were successfully funded on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter.

The site is a community based site that discovers new products with real product reviews. Fresh is hoping to generate excitement for products that get less notice than the major brands.

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Browsy – Startup that makes Pinterest boards shoppable

People like to pin favorite items to their Pinterest boards. Pinterest doesn’t offer shoppable links which is where Browsy comes in. The startup turn Pinterest boards into shoppable items with the lowest price search.

Browsy imports fashion pins from Pinterest and then uses image recognition to identify products in the pins. Browsy then scours the web for the cheapest price for the item.

Check out Browsy HERE

Explora – Startup offers smartphone rental service for travellers visiting the United States

Explora offers a unique rental service for those who travel to the U.S. on business or vacation. The service offers a flat rate $8.00 per day service that includes unlimited nationwide calling, text messaging and 4G data.

The service requires reservation to be made with same day service within Manhattan and 3 business shipping time to other U.S. locations.

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TwistRate: A Crowdfunder for the Outdoors

TwistRate is a new crowdfunding site for raising funds for products that deal with hunters, anglers, outdoor enthusiasts,and the tactically-minded.

TwistRate found a market that is being ignored by other crowdfunding sites and believe the sport industry will see major growth with unique projects geared toward that market.

The site hopes to host projects that deal with outdoor products like bows, knives, firearms, accessories.

Check out TwistRate HERE – Search engine for all things bikes, parts, kits and more

Bikmo is a one stop shop for all things cycling. The service allows you to search for bikes, components, kits, clothing, workshops, and training & nutrition.

Bikmo searches for local and online retailers by retailers adding their store to the directory. accepts any store that has electronics point of sale system or online shop and best of all it’s free to list. Bikmo also offers a reward system for those who purchase and review products through

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RIL Eyewear – Google Glass compatible glasses

RIL Eyewear has launched a line of glasses for the Google Glass. The eyewear is very fashionable and can be worn with or without Google Glass. The Pacific collection includes the Stinson, Baker, and Miramar. The glasses are handcrafted with medical grade titanium and precision milled walnut veneer.

The Kickstarter page is currently at $3,163 of it’s $15,000 goal

Check out the Kickstarter project HERE

Hailo – Taxi app to get a ride in less hassle and time

Hailo is a startup that allows you to get a ride at 14 locations across North America, Europe, and Asia & Middle East. All it takes it a tap on your iPhone or Android phone. Hop out at your destination and get an instant email receipt.

Hailo allows you to get a ride on a cab without the need to hail down a cab with only two taps of your Smartphone screen. Credit card information is stored in the app for easy automatic payment of the cab fair. Hailo uses trusted drivers who know the city inside and out. And all drivers are licensed and insured.

Check out Hailo HERE

Varsity News Network – Platform for high school websites to shine

Varsity News Network is a web-based platform for high school sports news and media. The company from Grand Rapids, Michigan powers a ton of high school sports sites in the Midwest and has expanded nationally.

VNN helps high school sports get national exposure which will help the school and student athletes. Talented athletes will get national exposure that they might not otherwise get. And school will benefit from shared sponsorship that should cover the initial fee overtime.

Check out Varsity News Network HERE

BLADE – Providing helicopter trips from Manhattan to the Hamptons and back

Blade provides a helicopter ride from Manhattan to the Hamptons and back. The service allows you to buy a seat on a flight that is taking off. If a flight is not taking off you can buy a seat and crowd-source the rest of the seats.

Blade is a two-engine Two pilot cabin class Dauphin aircraft which provides passengers faster flight times and a quieter ride with enhanced legroom.

If by chance the chopper is grounded Blade offers a ride in a Maserati Quattroporte for free with a flight credit to your account.

Check out Blade HERE