Kitchensurfing – Search for local chefs to cook for you, in your home

Kitchensurfing helps you find a local chef that can prepare a meal for you at your home. You can first choose a style of cuisine like Asian, Italian, French, BBQ, and more. Once you make a choice, Kitchensurfing presents you with local chefs with reviews, price per person, and menu.

Kitchensurfing is great for a business lunch, dinners, parties, get together with friends, romantic dates, and more. Check out Kitchensurfing HERE

Climendo – Compare weather data from various sources

Climendo compares forecasts from several sources and checks if they agree or disagree. Having forecasts from multiple sources helps get a better idea of today’s forecast from several reliable sources.

Climendo combines all forecast compared into an average. The probability rate is based on the level of agreement between the forecasts compared.

Check out Climendo HERE

pressfarm – email database of tech journalist

Pressfarm offers a list of email contacts, bio, and twitter profile of tech journalist covering startups. The site offers sign up for free which includes names and Twitter handles. The paid option for $9 a month offers a curated list of email addresses of people working in tech publications. It is sometimes difficult to navigate blogs and find the writers you can pitch to. Pressfarm makes it easy to find journalist you want to write about your startup or business.

Check out PressFarm HERE

PressFriendly – Find a TechCrunch Reporter

PressFriendly makes it easy to find the correct journalist to pitch your startup to. You simply paste a pitch email or Angel list url and your email address and Press Friendly will find a reporter for you.

PressFriendly uses a automatic system that list reporters likely to write about your story using Machine learning and articles the authors have written. PressFriendly uses a stat-based Document Classification that compare the provided pitch and what the reporter has previously written about. The result is a score of how likely the TechCrunch reporter will write about your story.

Check out PressFriendly HERE

Love Cloud – Mile High Club experience in Las Vegas

Startup Love Cloud is taking the mile high club to new heights. Love Cloud helps couples fly in a twin engine pressurized aircraft around the skies of Las Vegas which allows them to enjoy the mile high fantasy. Love Cloud allows couples to experience a unique adventure. Love Cloud states this would be perfect for special occasion such as honeymoon, anniversary, birthday, and Valentines Day.

Check out Love Cloud HERE

Project Jefferson – Beautiful map prints of over 4,000 U.S. cities

Project Jefferson takes map prints and makes them works of art that can be displayed at your home or business. The maps comes in sizes 24×36, 18×24, and 12×18. The price of the map prints range from $25 to $115.

In addition to print maps, you can download a map as a phone wallpaper. Project Jefferson makes awesome map print that would be perfect to display at a home or a local restaurant.

Check out Project Jefferson HERE

Gene Guru – DNA based Diet Plans

Gene Guru is a startup that is creating custom diet plans based on your DNA.

The first step is to order a DNA Kit sent to your home. You swab your cheek using the kit and send back the package for analysis. Gene Guru will analyze the DNA which takes about 2 weeks to complete. The company examines your genome for 700,000 genetic markers, compiled from over 9,000 peer-reviewed research studies. The company uses an algorithm to inspect hundreds of thousands of gene variants in order to create a unique model of your genome that is used to create a diet around.

Gene Guru delivers your plan in about a week. The algorithms populate your Gene Guru Action Plan with a specialized diet and fitness recommendations.

Check out Gene Guru HERE

PR.CO – Professional PR made easy

PR.CO created a great tool for businesses to create a professional press room. PR.CO allows you to publish stunning press releases, distribute to your press list, all-in-one convenience, and multi-language supported.

PR.CO is the easiest way to create your own press room. This will be a central online location for all your press releases, company information, social media, corporate contacts, important people, and press kits.

Check out PR.CO HERE

NomadList – Lists the best cities to live and work remotely

NomadList list the best cities live in and work remotely. NomadList lists cities, country, region, cost of living, temperature and internet speed. Based on all the criteria NomadList gives a point rating to each city. At the moment Chiang Mai of Thailand has the top spot with 176 points, making it the best city to live and remotely work.

Check out NomadList HERE

Perch – Future of Product Display is available now

Perch transform any retail surface into a highly engaging interactive experience. Perch takes the best of online shopping and mixes it with retail. Perch uses an interactive display technology to let the consumer hold a product with one hand and have digital information display on a table that you can touch.

Perch will provide information for every product touched and generate web-accessible analytics in realtime. Check out Perch HERE