Passage – The Fastest & simplest event ticketing on the planet

Passage is a event ticketing platform and payment service. The service allows you to sell tickets online and at the door for your event such as movie theater, music festivals, fundraisers and more. Passage Ticketing charges a low ticket fee for their service. You pay 7.5% per ticket online, 3.99% per ticket at the door and no contracts. Using the Passage app allows you to admit guests and sell tickets at the door with a complimentary credit card reader.

Passage also offers advanced reporting and revenue tools to increase sales and retention. You get easy to understand reports, extensive customer data, and access anywhere, anytime.

Get ready to start selling tickets to your event at Passage HERE

TernPro – A better way for businesses to create and manage video content

TernPro helps businesses create and manage video content. Businesses looking to make a big splash can use TernPro to make videos that relay a message and help build your brand.

TernPro is an experience and capable full service video production company. The company utilizes cutting edge technology to manage the video content creation process. Check out TernPro HERE

Epic Events – Life in a single continuous video

Epic Events allows you to simply record moments in time in a a couple of seconds of video. Epic Events compiles these tiny slices of your life into a single, continuous “epic” Video. The epic videos can be shared with friends and family.

Life is an epic event and now you can share them in a single video clip to family friends. Epic Events is perfect for those special moments in our lives that are worth sharing.

Check out Epic Events HERE

Underwear Nation – Men’s underwear of the month club

Underwear Nation is a startup that offers a subscription based underwear service. Join the club and get the best underwear from designers around the globe ship to you every month.

The service helps you discover new brands from top men’s underwear brands. You can choose your cut, size, and start receiving the hottest underwear around. Some of brands of underwear include Rufskin, Timoteo, N2N Bodywear, 2Eros, Teamm8, Cocksox, Cellblock 13, Jor, Gregg Homme, Pump and more. Underwear Nation offers free shipping to members in the U.S. and addition exclusive discounts and sales.

Check out Underwear Nation HERE

Boldr – Local Business Discovery

Boldr is a new way to interact with local businesses and get real-time updates. Boldr helps you find out what happening at your local businesses such as lunch specials or musicians playing at a local bar. In the past you can only find information of local businesses scattered on the internet through websites and social networks. Boldr makes it easy to follow the latest happenings at local establishments.

Boldr also provides insights through metrics to local businesses. This includes data on conversions, churn rate and even visit duration. Small businesses can create profile pages, post specials and event one week in advance, message customers, get feedback, have metrics information, and better communicate with customers.

Check out Boldr HERE

FaithStreet – Helping faith communities grow online

FaithStreet is a social outreach platform for faith communities. The platform allows churches to connect with new people by having it’s own profile page online. The profile page is 100% free to setup with over 14900 churches that have already joined.

The service also allows you to accept online donations from anyone, anywhere. Donations can be setup for recurring or one-time donations via web, mobile or text. FaithStreet is an excellent way for Churches to gain new members and accept donations online.

Check out FaithStreet HERE

Dash – Turns any car into a Smart Car

Dash connects your smartphone to you car using any generic OBD. You can bring your own or buy one for as low as $10. Simply plug in the OBD under your steering wheel and connect your phone by pairing via Bluetooth.

Dash will give you real time feedback, so you can improve your driving and maximize fuel efficiency. The app will provide the cheapest gas station nearby and provide accurate estimates for the most common repairs.

Dash provides real time diagnostics on your vehicle’s performance, from ‘Check Engine Light’ to fuel level. The app will also provide road conditions and driving behavior. You can even track multiple cars/suv with it’s automatic VIN decoding.

Dash lets you share your driving skills with friends. Compare how you drive compared to your friends. Check out Dash HERE

Download Android app HERE

Zeel – Massage on Demand

Zeel is a new way to book same-day, in-home massages with licensed massage therapists. The service allows you to book same-day appointments starting anytime between 8am and 10:30pm in New York City, Los Angeles, Long Island, Miami, and San Francisco Bay Area.

Using the app you can type in your location and preferred massage method, appointment length, gender of therapist, and appointment time. The app will confirm your appointment with full details using a simple SMS text message. And then simply relax and wait for the massage therapist to arrived to you to provide the massage. Zeel will bill your credit card on file once you have completed the massage.

Check out Zeel HERE

Android app HERE – Mobile massage in Los Angeles

Massage on Demand is a group of massage therapists providing mobile massage in Los Angeles. The company only uses licensed, insured professional therapist to bring massage services to you in the comfort and privacy of your home. The MODSquad is dedicated to assuring your ultimate relaxation.

MOD offers Stress Reduction, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Pregnancy, Duet (Couples) and Reflexology massages. Check out Massage On Demand HERE

Plowz – Snow Plow on demand

Plowz is the easy way to get your driveway plowed. The app allows you to schedule an appointment at the desired time and location. The plower will come to your house and plow your driveway. Plowz will bill the credit card on file and send you a photo of your freshly plowed driveway.

Check out Plowz HERE

Download Android app HERE