Mowz – On-demand lawn mowing service

Mowz is an on-demand lawn mowing service. The application can be downloaded for Android or iOS. You simply schedule a mow button in the app and the service will assign a mower based on your time and location and a price quote. The assigned lawn care professional will arrive at your home to mow your grass, edge your lawn, and blow away the mess. Mowz will bill the credit card on file and send a photo of the finished job. The service will allow you to rate the landscaper so you can pair with the same person.

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Android app HERE

Wevorce – Helps couples divorce amicably

Wevorce is a unique way to divorce amicably. Rather than a traditional two-attorney system, both spouses are guided by a single attorney-mediator know as a Wevorce Architect. The company will also have co-parenting and financial experts on the demand to help with special issues that arise. The online forms makes it easy to get most things done before you meet with a lawyer for mediation. At the meeting both sides will get clear information they need and how the process works.

With Wevorce you will save time, cost, and hassle of getting divorce. It is alternative way to get divorce in a respectable and amicable way.

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Mark43 – Mobile software for law-enforcement

Mark43 is a startup that trying to upgrade software for law-enforcement. The company says that law-enforcement software in general is about 20 years behinds the times. The company is working with troopers to give them the best technology out there. Mark43 is the next generation law-enforcement platform. The web-based system is built using the technologies that are designed for ease of use and rapid iteration. The software combines records management, social network analysis, geo-mapping and information sharing into one powerful platform that has the look, feel, and cost of a consumer app.

Mark43 has spent the last two years perfecting the platform for law-enforcement by going on patrols, sitting in stations, and walking the streets with officers.

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Borro – Personal Asset Loans

Borro is like a pawn shop for rich people. The service provides quick personal-asset loans of loans or more than $1 million secured against personal assets such as fine art, classic cars and jewelry. The company is given the item and stores it until the loan is paid off.

You can apply online or by phone and get a valuation on your luxury item for loan. The company sends a loan offer and you accept it. They will transfer funds to your bank account. You pay back the loan and interest and get back the asset. Borro accepts assets such as luxury watches, jewelry, gold, luxury cars, fine art, fine wine and luxury handbags.

Check out Borro HERE

Living Proof – Disrupts beauty products

Living Proof is a hair and beauty product company co-owned by actress Jennifer Aniston. The company has an unusally history going back to 2004 when MIT professor and biotech inventor Bob Langer partnered with VC’s to create a new line of beauty products. Langer found that the same ingredients were used in many beauty products.

Living Proof was out to create proof in a bottle with real science behind it. So the company hired a bunch of scientists and beauty experts to create the best hair and beauty product line where science meets beauty.

Check out Living Proof line of hair and beauty products HERE

First Opinion – Text a doctor for free

First Opinion is an app that answers your health questions 24/7 in 9 minutes or less. You can text First Opinion doctor for medical advice and get a quick answer.

The service is geared towards moms that need a quick opinion about a sick child. First Opinion allows you to get a quick opinion on someone’s health by your mobile device. The doctors that reply are mom’s too and reply to texts that you want opinions on.

Check out First Opinion HERE

Quotebook – The app that collects quotes

Quotebook is an iOS app that collects quotes that matter to your. You can curate, organize, and share the quotes from your library in an app designed for readability.

The app allows you to collect quotes from life, books, and friends. Tag and search quotes to find ones you want to mention to someone. Quotebook will benefit students, writers, and everyone that likes to gather quotes for their own purpose.

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Conferize – The best professional events in the world in one place

Conferize helps you follow conferences and professional events around the world. The ability to find events around you will help you grow your network of contacts.

The service also allows you to follow the greatest speakers in the world, watch their performances and flip through their presentations.

Conferize is great to attend conferences, find events to speak at, and follow conferences. Check out Conferize HERE

Next Deadline – Manage your projects

Next Deadline app helps you manage your projects and make sure you hit your deadline each time. The app will give you a list of all your projects and include the current deadline for each project. The order priority will be based on the current deadline.

Check out Next Deadline HERE

uberFRESH – Order lunch with Uber app in Santa Monica

UberFRESH is testing a new lunch order service starting August 26th until September 5th in Santa Monica. Anyone in Santa Monica with the Uber app can order lunch from 11:30am-2:30pm.

The menu includes:
Tuesday – Tender Greens – Rustic Chicken Soup & Romaine Hearts Caesar Salad

Wednesday – 41 Ocean – Farmer’s Market Salad

Thursday – Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery – Large Godmother with The Works (mild)

Friday – Tender Greens – Roasted Roma Tomato Soup & Baby Arugula Salad

Each meal is $12 and includes a complimentary cookie from Cookie Good

Check out UberFresh HERE