GermIO – Get from Idea to Execution

GermIO is a place to keep your ideas at when you have an Eureka Moment. Log all your ideas in one place with GermIO. GermIO allows you to share your ideas with your team and iron out ideas. Build your idea into something special. And finally execute that idea into actions through completion.

GermIO is currently a web app with mobile version in the works. Check out GermIO HERE

Pillow – iOS Sleep tracking alarm clock with powernaps and audio recordings

Pillow is an iOS app that is the most advanced sleep companion that help you sleep easier, wake up happier, and understand how you sleep and ways to improve it.

Pillow understands how you sleep by monitoring your movements and sounds while you sleep. When you wake up, Pillow gives you a full stat sheet of how well you slept.

Pillow can be used to monitor your Sleep cycles, perform audio recordings of your sleep, and just use the app as an alarm clock. Check out Pillow now HERE