MonitorBook – Easily track anything on the web

Monitorbook is a simple way to track things on the web and get alerts when something changes on the site. The service can be useful to track pricing, track specific headlines with keywords, track reviews, track competitors, and more.

MonitorBook is a useful tool to track things you care about. The possibilities of what you can track is up to you. The service offers a free version and a premium version that includes API, Authentication support, and Push Notifications.

Check out Monitorbook HERE

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds – Stereo earbuds with a built-in biometric heart rate monitor

Jabra Sports Pulse Wireless earbuds is the first earbuds with built-in biometric heart rate monitor. The earbuds also feature Dolby Digital sound, real-time voice coaching, and a built-in ‘Jabra Sport Life’ app that plans, tracks and evaluates workouts.

The Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds are currently available for pre-order at and will be available at Best Buy retail stores and in late September.

Camu App – Camera app done right

Camu app is the best real-time editing tools for your Smartphone. Camu lets you shoot photos and videos in seconds and then send them to family members privately or share to your favorite social network.

Easily swipe to change the filter applied to the photo. Press and hold to shoot video and set a live filter to get the mood right. Take real-time photo collages and have fun with unique split photo. Camu’s auto mode is perfect for selfies as it shoots when no movement is visible. The super-focus feature gets highest quality depth-of-field to your images. Camu allows the ability to easily add text to your photos.

Check out Camu HERE

Breeze – Rental cars for carsharing drivers

Breeze makes it simple for drivers to work for carsharing companies like Lyft and Uber. The service rents out a hybrid vehicle for only $160 / week and a one-time $150 membership fee. The person can return the car anytime with two weeks notice. Considering you will get a hybrid such as the Prius for rent you will pay less money on gas compared to a large SUV or car.

You can apply online and go through an in-person orientation. Breeze will even help you get signed up to the ridesharing service of your choice. Hop into your Breeze car and start earning money driving for Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar.

Check out Breeze HERE

Alyssa’s Bakery – Mark Cuban likes these high fiber low carb cookies

Mark Cuban influence is immense as shown when Cuban referenced Alyssa’s Cookies in an interview the site crashed with the amount of traffic it was getting. Cuban mention Alyssa’s Cookies on The Dan Patrick Show as the best product he invested in. Cuban’s glowing endorsement cause the site to go down and is still not fully operational.

Alyssa’s Cookies started it’s life in 2010 when they’re were available at a retail bakery/deli store. The company wanted to create a higher quality cookie and the first cookie was a healthy oatmeal cookie with dried fruits and almonds. The company has expanded to a protein cookie and a line of gluten free cookies. Alyssa’s Cookie recently added Oatmeal Bites and Vegan Bites to it’s line.

The company maintains these standards to make a high quality healthy cookie

Authenticity from scratch to finish using only 100% natural ingredients.

1- Use only raw, simple, unprocessed, unrefined, 100% natural ingredients
2- Bake everything from scratch.
3- Use no fillers, flavoring, or shortcuts.
4- Accept no compromises in quality.

Check out Alyssa’s Cookies HERE

Reviews for iOS

Reviews for iOS is the simple way to get notified for reviews of your favorite iOS app. The app is great for those that want to see the latest reviews of the apps they have created. The app also allows you to filter by start so you can see the negative or positive reviews you get. Translating reviews is a only a tap away with this app. Reviews for iOS is available now for $2.99 from the App Store.

PadBot – Turns your iPad into a 3 foot tall robot

PadBot is a new Indiegogo project that aims to turn turn your iPad into a 3 foot tall robot that can be controlled from anywhere with your Smartphone. The iPad attaches to the neck of the motorized vehicle called the PadBot. Using the intuitive app, you can wirelessly connect, communicate and navigate in any indoor space.

The Padbot has sensors on the base to prevent being knocked over. In addition the PadBot the can be used to attend birthday parties for out of town family and be present at meetings with the PadBot. The PadBot allows you to remotely connect with your team and family.

Indiegogo page HERE

Check out PadBot HERE

Lowdown for Meetings

Lowdown is an app to schedule meetings. Sign up to the app by simply linking your LinkedIn account. The app gives you the lowdown on meeting times, attendees look like, insights into the Company they work for, and relevant email without having to search.

Lowdown is the app to get to find information on meetings and schedule of times. It is the best app to prepare you for a business meeting. Lowdown is the first business service that helps busy professionals plan, prepare and navigate to meetings


– View meeting information without wifi or signal
– Instant access to details of meeting attendees and their companies
– View shared business and company connections
– See attendees Twitter profiles and tweets
– Contact attendees in two taps
– Relevant emails
– See journey options with travel times and map
– Know what time to set off wherever you are
– View company websites and profile pages

Check out Lowndown app HERE

Gusto Email – The #1 email app for managing your digital life

Gusto Email simplifies the way you manage your emails, files, and photos, all in a single easy-to-use inbox. The email app supports Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, IMAP, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Gusto makes it easy to handle your messages, your work, and your relationships, on the go. Gusto Email simply makes life easier for you to handle all your inboxes at once and become more productive on the go.

Gusto Allows you to Access:
●Camera Roll

Insightful Tips:
●View emails, files, and photos in 3 views: (Normal vertical list, Image rich tile format, Large expanded text view).
●Pinch to zoom and expand each item while in list view.
●Swipe any message in your inbox while in list view to reply, delete, flag, and more.
●Connect to Facebook, Instagram, and Camera Roll to view and share your photography side with friends.
●You are able to aggregate all of your emails to a single account view is a personal assistant who schedules meetings for you

Amy Ingram is an artificial intelligence personal assistant. There is no sign-in, no password, and no download to use the service. All you have to do is CC: and the persona assistant will have human-like email dialogues with your guests to help schedule your meetings.

Amy Ingram learns from your likes and dislikes such as not having a meeting on Fridays and emailing information such as a favorite coffee shop, conference bridge, and Skype ID. Just like a human personal assistant, the more you use Amy to schedule meetings, the more familiar she is with your preferences and needs.

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