KidCam – The Best Camera App for Kids

KidCam is a $2.99 iOS app that is geared towards kids. Kidcam is the best camera app for kids to take photos. The app is designed for kids and built for parents. It allows you to limit the number of photos and videos your kids can take. Once your kids hit that limit, the app will overwrite the previous photos. Kidcam has a separate library for only Kidcam photos & videos to keep separate from your own camera roll. You can manually save photos and videos or bulk delete them all.

KidCam is super easy for kids to take photos as they can tap anywhere on the Smartphone screen and take a photo. KidCam has monster overlays that allow kids to superimpose monster faces on it’s subjects. The shutter delay function prevents kids from tapping the screen too often so they don’t take too many photos.

Check out KidCam HERE

Tiiny – Share tiny photos & looping videos that disappear after 24 hours

Tiiny allows you to share photos & looping videos that will disappear after 24 hours. The service allows unlimited uploads of photos and videos and is free.

The tiny photos and videos can’t be enlarged and are removed after 24hrs. You can browse popular pages and see the best tiny photos worldwide. You can follow friends and other popular Tiiny users.

Check out Tiiny HERE

Siren – Dating app that puts women in control

Siren is a new dating app that puts women in control of their visibility and encourages women to make the first move. Just like real life, Siren enables women to signal to men that they have an interest in them.

Siren is a dating app design for women by women. The app has different standards for women and men signing up for the service. Women enter information such as username, occupation and in-app photo. Men enter information such as age and height that women want to know. Women can control who sees their photo and who can communicate with them. The service takes the creepiness out of dating sites by giving the power to women and less focus on appearance.

Siren uses daily questions to gauge people’s minds and answers. The real-time Siren Call indicates women want to have some fun weather it’s a date, coffee or more.

Check out Siren HERE

ZettaMobile – Location-based mobile advertising company

Zettamobile help small businesses compete with national companies by offering location-based mobile advertising solution. ZettaMobile allows small businesses to create ads, set a budget and launch their ads to mobile apps and websites based on customer locations.

The company uses Geo-fence technology to send locally-targeted ads. The potential customers will get coupons and promotions that will lead to more business for the small business company.

Zettamobile costs $100 per month for 25,000 view and goes up to $1000 a month for 250,000 views. Check out Zettamobile HERE

Mermur – Anonymous text messages

Mermur is a service that allows you to send Anonymous text messages without a reply. We have seen similar services, but this one does not have a conversation with the person.

While the service is anonymous, Mermur has some do’s and dont’s that you must follow. Check out Mermur HERE

Buy Bootstrapped – A home for sustainable enterprises

Buy Bootstrapped is a resource for bootstrap startups. You can find a directory of smaller/medium-sized companies that have been bootstrap with their own money without the influence or funding of a VC.

Buy Boostrapped along with their email list called will help companies that want to bootstrap your own product or company. Check out Buy Bootstrapped HERE

Tenreads – Ten of the best curated stories you care about

Tenreads handpicks ten stories curated to your likes from thousands of published stories on the net. Tenreads uses an algorithm to choose the stories that have meaning to you. You can choose from across ten dozen topics from art to android and startups. The emails are sent to you with the curated stories that go with your morning brew and one to go with your trip back home.

Check out Tenreads HERE

Snazzy Maps – Themes for Google Maps

Snazzy Maps is a repository of different themes for Google Maps aimed at web designers and developers. All the themes on the site are free to use under the creative commons license.

As of version 3, Google Maps API now allows custom styles that can be applied to maps. This allows developers and designers pick and choose the theme that matches their site.

Snazzy Maps is the best free resource for different color schemes that can be used for Google Maps. Check out Snazzy Maps HERE – Create Online courses

Daptio allows you to create and manage your own course content, on your own website. is optimized for mobile first. The service provides granular Analytics of your students knowledge and course content. provides high engagement because students receive content that they need most. You can adapt the service at the speed and content that suits your students. is easy to start, will set you up as an institution and add admins. You download the Content Factory for course creation software. You paste the embed code on your site and students can login and start working.

Check out HERE

TogetherWePass – Online study groups

TogetherWePass is an online private study groups for students. The service is an alternative to MyUNISA platform that students found impersonal and difficult to use. TogetherWePass makes it easy to contact eat other, access great resources, help improve their grades, make sure they are ready for exams and help them work on their professional development with CV writing tips, interview skills and more.

TogetherWePass provides private study groups in over 230 subjects. You can shop TogetherWePass for UNISA course today. They run online study groups in UNISA courses like ECS1501, ECS1601, FAC1502, FAC1601, FAC2601, FAC2602, MAC2601, and many many more. Check out TogetherWePass HERE