Zimride – Ridesharing for college students

Zimride is the simplest way for friends, classmates and coworkers to share a ride going the same way. Students that did not have a car had to find ways to get to class. This could be places such as Craigslist which has many unknowns. Zimride creates a safer place for students to get around by using Facebook profiles and reviews to improve the experience and safety.

Zimride you can discuss preferences such as music, smoking and stops to get some coffee. College student no longer have to worry that they no nothing about the person they are riding with.

Check out Zimride HERE

Namebox – Sell your web domains you no longer need

Namebox is a simple service to list unwanted domains you may have and want to sell. The service is free to use and simple to signup. The service also offers a pro version that you can list up to 120 domains and keywords for $29 per year.

The service is easy to use and I was able to list an unwanted domain in about 30 seconds. If you are looking for a way to get rid of domains you lost interest in then Namebox is the answer. Check out Namebox HERE