Roger Ximenez bespoke leather belt company

Roger Ximenez makes luxury custom made belts here in the USA using the finest crocodile, Italian, French and suede. Most of the designer belts I found are made of poor leather quality and sell because of their brand. Roger Ximenez uses the finest 100% full-grain calf leather for their Italian and French line, premium calf leather for suede belts, and 100% python or crocodile leather for exotic belts.

All buckles are made in Italy from solid brass. The buckles are palladium plated to ensure maximum resilience to natural elements. All leather belts come with a custom traveling pouch made from premium cotton. The pouch allows customers to store and travel with their belt in a unique, sophisticated way.

In 2009 Roger Ximenez, Founder and Master Leather Designer, set out to create an innovative line of exclusive, custom made leather belts. His goal was clear: create a high quality signature belt collection that may be tailored to each and every customer’s needs. Roger Ximenez personally designs and manages every single belt along the production process to ensure his life-long mission is realized.

Roger Ximenez produces luxury leather belts that rival Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Tom Ford belts. I have personally owned a belt from the company and found the quality to be as good and sometimes better than the other luxury brands.

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Pakpod: The Stake-able, Packable, Riggable, Waterproof, All-Terrain Tripod. Stake Out Your Next Adventure.

Pakpod is the next generation tripod for Smartphones, GoPro, and SLRs. The Pakpod is slim enough to carry in your pack and versatile enough to work with your action camera. The Pakpod features spider-like capabilities and patent-pending staking design.

Three flip-out stakes combined with legs that lock into wildly asymmetrical positions means it attaches to rock walls, sailboat masts, bike handlebars, drones, jungle vines, car hoods, fences of all sorts, underneath kayaks, uneven driftwood, baby swings, boulders and more.


Lightweight: 15.5 oz
Length when folded: 12.75″
Waterproof and freezeproof
Patented, one-twist locking system
Legs rapidly extend and retract with the push of a button
Legs move independently through 180 degree of motion
Rotating feet stake into grass, dirt, sand and snow
36 tie-down points
MSRP $99

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Luxe – On-demand valet parking service

Luxe is a new on-demand valet parking service that sends valets to park for you. The service is available in major cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, New York City, Austin, and Philadelphia.

A simple download of the app and you are ready to have an on-demand valet ready to do the parking for you. Luxe features a veteran team of product, engineering, and operations leaders from Tesla, Google, Zynga, Yahoo! and Groupon with a fleet of prescreened and friendly valets. The company has secured dozens of insured, secure parking lots with technology to monitor every step of the process of drop-off to pick-up.

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Instead of waking up to a cup of coffee, DrinClock wakes you up to a warm cup of water. Alternatively you can add lemon juice, honey, and/or green tea. This will help you lose weight and or stimulate your digestive system. The morning water machine is ready to fill your thirst in the morning or anytime.

The idea of DrinClock is to have a healthier life with warm water with lemon in the morning to start out the day refreshed and ready for the day. It is perfect for cool or dry days where you need to fill your thirst. The morning water machine is heading for Kickstarter in the near future.

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LIKE A HIPSTER – Discover the places where local hipsters hang out

LIKE A HIPSTER app helps you find the best local places through the help of local hipsters. The app helps you find the best coffee shops, bars, restaurants, clothing stores and local businesses near you. LIKE A HIPSTER uses data from Foursquare and Yelp to identify the best places to go and displays them on a Google Map.

Once you find all the cool places that hipsters like you can visit the places with directions, pricing, website, reviews and phone number.

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Sideplayer – Watch Youtube all the time while browsing the web

I use Youtube daily to watch music videos, watch video product reviews, and the latest news. Sideplayer has made it easy to watch Youtube while browsing the web. Today most people multi-task on their computer and now you can watch Youtube while viewing Facebook, searching on Google, or just browsing the net. The Google Chrome extension adds Youtube to every page you visit.

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