Ann Arbor Startup Avegant’s Glyph the next Oculus

The successful Kickstarter campaign netted the company 1.5 million dollars to create the wearable mobile personal theatre with premium built in audio. The Glyph is the first head-mounted display to feature virtual retinal display(VRD).

The VRD display was created by Dr. Allan Evans which generates images by reflected light. The display will allow you to watch movies and play video games without eye strain using this technology. The 45-degree field-of-view creates an immersive experience while maintaining the users peripheral vision.

Evans came back to Michigan to start the company with a friend and now co-founder and CEO Ed Tang. The company has five U of M graduates working for the company include Tang.

Visit the official site HERE

Preorder the Avegant Glyph Beta for $499 HERE

Kickstarter Page HERE

via Umich.EDU

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