Psystar site getting slammed by traffic for Mac Clone

Who new taking a no brand desktop then installing OSX on it would get so much attention? Psystar must not have none. With all the attention and possible waking up the Giant(Apple) they have already change the name of the computer to Open Computer instead of OpenMac in fear of a lawsuit.

The website went down earlier today but has returned with the new name.

Product Page HERE

EEE PC 8.9 inch to launch early without Intel’s Atom

Digitimes is reporting that the Asus EEE 8.9 inch laptop might come out early in Asia to combat competition in the low end laptop space. The 2nd gen laptop may hit in mid April in Asia. This will help them defend the crown in budget laptops that Acer and HP plan on jumping into.

To make this possible the first 9 inch EEE’s will not have the Intel Atom chip rather the older chip that is in current laptops. Later versions would have the new Intel Atom chip.

via digitaltimes

Asus EEE 9-inch subnotebook

Engadget got a hands on demo of the new Asus EEE 9-inch subnotebook. The main difference seems to be the screen to frame ratio is much better. Other than that it should be very similar to the 7-inch notebook but with more space 12gb. Expect to be release of the middle of 2008.

via Engadget

SX-S 3.2″ Touch Screen LCD Dual-Band Bluetooth

– Dual band GSM network support (900Mhz/1800Mhz)

– Dual SIM card slots (one online at a time)

– 3.2-inch color LCD touch screen

– 1.3 mega pixel digital camera with digital zoom (manufacturer claimed)

– 100V~240V AC charger included

– MP3 / MP4 Playback

– Bluetooth

– MicroSD/TF card slot (256MB included)

– English phone interface (user’s guide printed in Chinese)

Price: $121.00 free shipping


F3 Tri-Band Bluetooth GSM Cell Phone

– Tri-band GSM network support (900Mhz/1800Mhz/1900Mhz)

– Dual SIM card slots (one online at a time)

– MicroSD/TF card slot (256MB included) – maximum 2GB supported

– 2.5-inch color QVGA LCD touch screen

– 2.0 mega pixel digital camera (manufacturer claimed)

– MP3 music / MP4 video playback

– Voice recorder

– Bluetooth

– 180V~240V AC charger included

– English phone interface (user’s guide printed in Chinese)

– Data charging cable and handsfree earphones included

Price: $139.00 free shipping


Opera previewed on Android

Opera has just released a technical preview build of their mobile browser for Google’s upcoming Android mobile Operating System. The company is encouraging developers and programmers to download the new software, hoping to gain as much technical feedback from the beta release as possible.

via Opera Labs