Fusion Garage to launch Grid 4 Smartphone

Fusion Garage best known for their JooJoo Tablet will be launching their first Smartphone. The new Smartphone will be based off of Android OS. Features include 4-inch WVGA display, Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255, and 512MB of RAM. Other features include 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and an LED flash, 720p HD video recording, and front-facing 0.3-megapixel camera. The handset will have 16GB of onboard storage, WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and triband HSPA.

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Logitech Rumblepad 2

Lean back and experience the action with wireless vibration feedback technology. Harness the precise power you need with the familiar feel you want.


  • Dual Vibration Feedback Motors: Feel all the hits, crashes, explosions, and effects.
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless with 30-foot Range: Get precise control with no lag.
  • 10 Programmable Buttons: Take command of your favorite moves.
  • Dual Analog Control: Keep a performance edge with smooth 360° control. Comfort
  • Familiar Layout: Enjoy our acclaimed 8-way D-pad, plus Mode and Vibration selectors.


  • 100 Hours of Battery Life: Play longer without missing a beat.
  • Quality Construction: Let this be your toughest competitor.
  • Software Included: Customize buttons, download profiles, and more.

Available now for purchase at $39.99 here

Google: Is There A “gPhone” In Our Future?

Back in March, when Google Inc hired Andy Rubin, one of the founders behind the Sidekick from Danger, Inc., there was rampant speculation that the company was careening down the path toward a Google-branded cell phone. I was told by sources that he was heading up a 100-person team on this project.

Since then, various Google execs have stepped forward to say there wasn’t Google hardware in the company’s future; but plenty of cool new software on the way designed specifically to take advantage of the wonderful world of wireless.

And now we’re all at it again today, thanks to Google’s (rumored $50 million) purchase of Grand Central, a neat, but tiny software company with a one-phone-number-fits-all kind of approach. It’s cool technology. Blending the net and your phone, Grand Central lets users provide one phone number to people, and it’ll ring at your home, office and cell.

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The GooglePhone’s cup bubbleth over

Rumours of a Google mobile phone have been rumbling around for an age, but speculation picked up this week following a Wall Street Journal report on what Google is doing behind the scenes.

Conventional wisdom has been that Google would concentrate on software for a mobile phone, pitching it against Windows Mobile and, of course, Apple’s iPhone. Up to now, Google has only appeared on mobiles through search or map applications.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in mobile and is already talking to European mobile operators.

One Anian analyst said Google is working with Taiwan’s HTC – whose new-ish touch-screen thing I’m playing with at the moment – to develop the handset. HTC currently uses Windows Mobile, but Google is developing a Linux-based handset.

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