iRiver W7 wins “Best of CES” Award

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The iRiver W7(The wifi-less version of the W10) won Cnet’s “Best of CES” award in the category of MP3 and Portable Video. Apparently the optional GPS made it groundbreaking for a new level of functionality in a MP3 player. Where’s the love for the Cowon Q5w? It also has an optional GPS kit. The W7 should drop in the U.S. in the coming months. Stay tuned…

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Next generation iPhone PMP clone Onda VX747

You may remember the iPhone style flash mp3 player Onda VX858(2.8″) and its little brother Onda VX878(2.4″). Well now the next generation has arrived. With a larger 3.0″ TFT Touchscreen with a new widescreen 16:9 400×240 resolution. It will use the same chipset Chinachips JX4740 that is used in VX989+ and Ainol V2000SE. Other features include support for up to 32gb microSD expansion.

Full specs below
Specs from article:
* 3.0 inch, 400*240 □□the real color TFT □screen □shows the screen; All touches the screen operation.
* Supports MP3, WMA, WAV and so on the many kinds of sounds □form; Supports the APE/FLAC □□□□sound □;
* Support song □synchronization □shows;
* Supports RM/RMVB, ASF, AVI, MP4, 3GP, MPG and so on each kind of form □□broadcast;
* Support rich You?;
* Supports the FLASH □□broadcast;
* Supports form □piece and so on the JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG □□, turns on lathe □and the imaginary □piece broadcast;
* The Fm reception and may save □more than 40 □□;
* □sets at □the gram □, ultra □□□□sound;
* □can □set at, the typeface □color, □shows brightness, the contact surface background and so on is free □sets;
* 8 kind of EQ sound effect, may supply to follow □□□;
* The support □sub- □□□, □stands □□, from □□□the function;
* Supports WIN98SE/ME, WIN2000, XP is □;
* USB2.0 high speed □□connection;
* Biggest support high speed 32GB Micro SD (TF) the card □unfolds saves □is spatial □;
* □□limits rises □;

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Meizu M3 2GB $75.19 with Free shipping

Meizu M3 – 1.5-inch LCD MP4 Player (2GB)


7mm thickness (smaller than a name card)
sliding touch keypad
1.5″ 260K-color 176×132 TFT-LCD screen providing High Definition Quality.
music player (WMA VBR/WMA Lossless/FLAC/OGG/WAV)
photo viewer, AVI video player
FM tuner, voice recorder
USB host
mass storage (2GB)
alarm with real time clock
calendar etc.

$75.19 free shipping

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Meizu M6 SL 2GB $99 with Free Shipping

Meizu SL – 2.41-inch QVGA LCD MP4 Player (2GB)


Supports DRM10 and Microsoft MTP
2.4″ 260K-color QVGA (320×240) large and vibrant TFT-LCD screen.
User-defined EQ, adjustable bass boost
Hi-Fi treble & bass compensation system
Various EQ modes
Including: Normal, Rock, Jazz, Classic, POP, Bass, Disco, User1, User2, User3
Unique design and Super Mini Aluminum alloy body
High speed USB2.0 interface. High capacity USB flash storage for mobile disk.
Clock setting. Screen Saver Settings
Super FM stereo radio function, supports auto searching tune channels and channels management as well as FM Recording (with 30 preset channels)
Built-in Microphone supports high quality recording, up to 9 hours of long recording time
Calculator function and Game function
Headphone supported
Dynamic graphics menu. Human user operating interface.
Supports various music formats, MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, etc.Movie playback, supports AVI format.
Dynamic Playlist supported. Synchronized Song Lyric Showing. TXT View
Photo album + Slide show: BMP, JPG, GIF formats
Long playback time
Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, plays up to 36 hours
(The playing time may be shortened if visualization is used.)
Multi-language Supported. ID3V2, ID3V1, Filename Supported
There are English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean languages
Innovative power supply design, reducing the interferences and noises. High precise electronic components coupled with 8 layers PCB ensure the clearness of sound quality.
Enhanced Integrated Navigator, Jog lamp ON time control
Play/Pause, Stop/Power OFF, Recording Next Track/Previous Track
Fast Forward/Fast Rewind, Scroll speed. Infinite Loop
Resume function. Auto Power OFF. Hold function
Value-added Service,Software Upgradeable. Free driver USB connector
SN Ratio: >90dB
Frequency range: 20Hz~20kHz
Weight: 55g
Compact size: Approx. 79mm*48.2mm*10mm(H*W*T)
Product info display (Software version, Memory Usage)
Windows98 SE/ME/2000/XP, Mac and Linux OS

$99.00 free shipping

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Archos TV+

The ARCHOS TV+ is the first WiFi Digital Video Recorder that provides the easiest access to content, and the most advanced features of any DVR today. ARCHOS TV+ combines a WiFi Media Player with a high-capacity DVR for enjoying movies, music, photos, podcasts, Web video, the full Internet and more right on your widescreen TV. With up to 250GB of capacity on a multimedia hard drive, you can record hundreds of hours of video and transfer content via high speed to your ARCHOS Portable Media Players.

* Record and schedule your favorite TV shows and movies in high quality with the TV program Guide
* Download movies, TV shows and music wirelessly from the ARCHOS Content Portal for playing on your TV
* Stream digital entertainment content from your PC to your TV
* Surf the Web1, access online email, and enjoy Web video from sites like YouTube® and Dailymotion®
* Sync your recorded TV shows to your ARCHOS portable media player at high speed, and take your home theatre wherever you go (a 2-hour movie syncs in only 10 minutes)
* Play and store nearly limitless content-up to 300 movies2-on an 80GB* or 250GB* multimedia hard drive.

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Infinity miPC

Here’s yet another Ultra Mobile device/PMP/GPS. Across between a PMP and a mini Computer. And at first glance could be compared to the Cowon Q5w. The Infinity miPC runs Windows CE 5.0 Pro, has 600MHz RMI ALCHEMY AU1250, 128 MEG DDR2 RAM and 32 MEG NOR Flash, a 30GB Hard Drive, WIFI, Bluetooth, 1.3 Cam, and optional cradle with GPS built in.

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Coolest Flash Drive Ever Halo Master Chief mimobot®

Halo Master Chief mimobot®

Halo Master Chief mimobot® Designer USB Flash Drive

In celebration of the ultimate shooter, Halo 3, introducing Halo mimobot® Series 1 Designer USB Flash Drives! Produced in limited edition and in conjunction with Microsoft and Bungie Studios, Master Chief, Red Spartan and Blue Spartan are now available in mimobot form, and come preloaded with tons of Halo content, including the mimobot soundByte™ application, artwork, excerpts from the upcoming Halo novel, and a special episode of “This Spartan Life.”

Add a protoHoodie™ Keychain Accessory for half price when purchased with your Halo Series 1 mimobot! Just use the drop-down menu above. Halo’s protoHoodie style: hairMet protoHoodie

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