Pana – Your personal travel agent

Pana makes travel as simple as possible as Pana takes care of your travel, room and board, and restaurant activities for you. The virtual travel agent team will make travel a delight rather than a hassle. To start using Pana you can make a request using iPhone app, SMS or email with travel details. Within minutes Pana will choose the best options and send them to you. Tap one button and your set. Pricing starts at $19/Month or $199/year. You can try the service free for one month.

Check out Pana HERE

SteadyFare – Grand Rapids based Ride-sharing app takes on Uber and Lyft

SteadyFare is a Grand Rapids based ride-share app that can be downloaded for either iOS or Android. The app is similar to popular ride-sharing apps such as Lyft and Uber. Some of the features of this ride-sharing app include better background checks of drivers, drivers keep all tips, better rates for those needing a ride, every ride a portion of the proceeds will go to ending child hood hunger through Will Play For Food Foundation.

Check out the website HERE

Luxe – On-demand valet parking service

Luxe is a new on-demand valet parking service that sends valets to park for you. The service is available in major cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, New York City, Austin, and Philadelphia.

A simple download of the app and you are ready to have an on-demand valet ready to do the parking for you. Luxe features a veteran team of product, engineering, and operations leaders from Tesla, Google, Zynga, Yahoo! and Groupon with a fleet of prescreened and friendly valets. The company has secured dozens of insured, secure parking lots with technology to monitor every step of the process of drop-off to pick-up.

Check out the service HERE

LIKE A HIPSTER – Discover the places where local hipsters hang out

LIKE A HIPSTER app helps you find the best local places through the help of local hipsters. The app helps you find the best coffee shops, bars, restaurants, clothing stores and local businesses near you. LIKE A HIPSTER uses data from Foursquare and Yelp to identify the best places to go and displays them on a Google Map.

Once you find all the cool places that hipsters like you can visit the places with directions, pricing, website, reviews and phone number.

Get the app on Googe Play HERE

Slang – the ultimate sneaker marketplace, in your pocket

Slang is a mobile marketplace for selling your sneakers. The app allows you to buy, sell and browse sneakers on your iPhone. This marketplace is perfect for collectors looking to add or sell their collection of kicks.

List kicks on Slang, post anywhere sneakers are sold: Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram, forums…anywhere on the internets.
· One listing to rule them all: anyone, on any device, can buy your kicks through your unique Slang sale link.
· Built-in shipping: we send insured shipping labels to your inbox instantly after you sell. No waiting at the post office.
· Our hyper-secure payment system will cash you out directly to your debit card.
· Buy sneakers with a swipe, pick your own shipping speed and receive instant tracking numbers for your packages.
· Deal confidently with legit buyers and sellers: everyone on Slang is verified by their social identities.

Wiggle – Selfie Music Videos made easy

Wiggle is a new app that helps you create your own selfie music video. The idea of the app is to make the process as easy as possible. The app allow you to select a song, Record takes while the music is playing and then save and share your new made music video.

– Record as many takes as you want
– Record in normal speed or in slo-mo
– Add filters to your takes
– Start recording at any point of the song
– Redo: simply record over your takes
– Timer: be ready when the action starts
– Beat-Magnet: to start recording right on the music beat
– Use front or back camera

Here are some examples of what can be done with the app.

skrlla – Free app that allows you to send $1 to charity instantly

Skrlla is a free app that allows you to send $1 to charity or receive $1 from friends. The fun app has two options of tapping hit or skrlla. The skrlla button will send $1 to a charity while the hit button will request $1 from a single friend or all your contacts with an optional message.

Skrlla is simple to setup as you create a secure Venmo account and have the ability to impact the community in a positive way.

iBetterCharge – Mac app notifies you when your iPhone battery is low

The iBetterCharge is a Mac app that notifies you when your battery on your iPhone is low. Sure you can check your phone for low battery life. The iBetterCharge offers a better solution that monitors your battery 24/7.

The iBetterCharge app communicates with your device via iTunes Sync. iBetterCharge does not install anything to your device so it does not reduce battery life.

Check out the Mac app HERE

Streak – Once-a-Day Trivia

Streak is a trivia game that works from your iOS lock screen or through the app. The app offers trivia questions every weekday AT 11am PT / 2pm ET. Join the game by swiping left at gametime. Then streak together correct answers to stay alive in the game. The longest streak of consecutive right answers wins! Play with friends and people around the world each weekday.

oneminute – one magical moment

Oneminute is an app that was created during the Product Hunt hackathon back in October. With oneminute you get a daily notification and only get 1 minute to capture a ‘raw’ slice of your everyday life. In return you get to see a global feed of spontaneous moments.

Oneminute is about anonymously sharing our everyday life in the most care-free way. Tap on the notification. Within one minute, retake, or submit the photo. Shared photos are anonymous, so feel less conscious about taking beautiful, staged photos. Oneminute app allows you to give 3 likes instead of just one.

Check out the app here