Text+ app offers free unlimited text messages

Text+ is a neat app if your paying for SMS messages through your phone. Text+ offers unlimited text messages through it’s app and phone calls for as little as 2 cents a minute.

Text+ users can text and call other Text+ users for free. The app also includes a credit based reward system where you can gain points to use minutes to wifi call people.

Available now for iOS and Android devices HERE

SavySwap – Swap for things you want

SavySwap is an app where you can swap things you don’t need for things you may want. You simply upload a picture of the unwanted item and then the app matches you with people who might be interested. You then barter, meet, and then trade items. The app requires login in with social media account to verify identity.

More info can be found HERE

BrushUp – The ToothBrush Training Game

Sometimes it’s a pain to get your kids to brush. One startup is trying to get kids to brush their teeth with this innovative learning game for iOS and Android devices. You can also get the Budd’s BlueToothbrush which uses bluetooth to pair with your smartphone to gain data on your children’s brushing habits.

Kickstarter Page HERE

Find out more about BrushUp HERE

iUp Note Free not-taking app for iOS

iUp Note Free not-taking app for iOS allows you to take notes, draw, create photo albums, document scanner. The app is free for use with iPad and iPhone with in-app purchases or a premium version is also available. The app is strong on telling your story through pictures and text with different theme templates.

Download app HERE Official Site HERE

DinnerTime – App helps parents pry kids away from Smartphone for meals, study time, and sleep

DinnerTime App is a parents best friend as it allows parents to control how much time kids spend on their smartphone. The app allows you to set limits on both an app running and the device. It also allows for blocking apps during exam time. The app also monitors usage on the smartphone as well as status of what app the child is using.

DinnerTime plus is available for Android with an IOS version coming soon.

Check out the app HERE

Good Audience – Get more followers

Good Audience helps you grow your audience to get more followers on platforms like Twitter. Good Audience will ask for your target keyword and then find people to follow in that niche. It also allow you to interact with tweets and respond. Analytics, content, and campaigns are also apart of Good Audience features. The site also has a daily goal of new followers you want to achieve.

Good Audience also has a pro version which include these features:
Connect all your social media accounts and optimize all of your profiles for consistent branding.

Daily notifications with quick approval of the actions you need to take. Set daily and weekly goals.

Deep analytics to see your biggest influencers, where they are located and demographics.

A mobile app that packs all the features for you on the go. Efficiently manage your social media accounts from anywhere.

Increase your fans and influence at Good Audience HERE

Birdees App – Sex Education for Parents to talk to kids about birds and bees

Birdees is an essential app and Ebook to help parents talk to about the birds and bees and much more. It helps parents talk about awkward subject matter than your children may have.

The app uses expert opinion and current scientific literature to provide the most accurate info.

The app is aimed for kids 2-8 and it adaptable to the parents set of values and beliefs.

Found more info on the Birdees App HERE