GroupMe – The best way to Group chat your friends, family and coworkers

GroupMe is a free group messaging service you can use to chat with friends, coworkers, and family. The app supports iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. You can also chat directly over SMS with people who do not have the GroupMe app.

GroupMe was founded by Jared Hecht and Steve Martocci in 2010. GroupMe was acquired by Skype in 2011.

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Level Money The Mobile Money Meter

If your filthy rich then you probably don’t need the Level Money app. For everyone else Level Money automatically updates spendable cash as you make purchases throughout the day. The app gives real-time stats of your money in your bank account.

Level Money is currently in Beta and works with a ton of U.S. Banks with more support in the future. Also the company hopes to expand to other countries once they make sure they can support it.

More info can be found HERE

Shortcut – London based app aims to allow in-seat ordering at a venue

Shortcut app based in London allows you to order and pay for a ticket using your smartphone. When you arrive at the venue and take your seat you can order concessions from your seat and pick up your completed order or have the order delivered to your seat.

The idea of Shortcut app is to never missed a moment of the game again. Shortcut will benefits fans who will enjoy the game even more. And venues will increase sales with smaller lines at food stations and gain data on it’s customers.

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Find My Bus tracks school buses for students and parents with a simple app

FMB Technology was the big winner at a new High School Business Incubator. The company won $25,000 funding for “Find My Bus” tracking app.

FMB technology allows students and parents to use an app to see a map of their bus route and where the bus is. It is a cool concept and one that will launch in 2014-2015. The app will be offered for service before school, after school and after school activities. Now you will know exactly where the bus is and what time you need to be at the location.

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ViaForensics to advance mobile security

ViaForensics aim is to help improve mobile security. ViaForensics has recruited the best and brightest to solve complex mobile security risks.

ViaForensics has a mobile app called viaProtect that gathers mobile forensic, system, network, security and sensor data from devices, and then utilizes statistical analysis and risk indicators to detect suspicious events or behavior. The app monitors potential risk in real time on your mobile instead of just checking for malicious apps.


Cover – payment service at restaurants

Cover is a new app that allows you to dine in the best restaurants in New York City and San Francisco and pay with cover where you don’t have to wait for the receipt.

It happens to all of us when your at the restaurant and ready to pay for your check but can’t find the waitress. Cover makes it simple to get in and out of restaurants with the most convenience. You simply create or sit at a table, tell the waitress or waiter that you paying with Cover and the app will split the receipt and pay the tip.

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Stripe – Web and Mobile Payment for developers

Stripe is a new startup for people to setup web and mobile payments that is built for developers. The site includes a unified API and tools to enable businesses to accept and manage online payments.

Stripe charges 2.9% + 30 cents per successful charge. Stripe does not have monthly fees, doesn’t charge for refunds, and no other hidden fees.

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