Meerkat – Tweet Live Video

Meerkat is an iOS app that allows you to tweet live video to your followers. This could be very popular with celebrities, breaking news and internet personalities. Now you can have all your friends and Twitter followers see what your seeing and hearing on your smartphone in real time.

The app also has a LeaderBoard of trending users and and events around the world. Check out the site HERE

Download the app here

Checky – app that monitors how many times a day you check your phone

Checky answers the simple question of how many times you check your phone. By knowing the answer to your check habits you can become aware of your phone usage. Today people are becoming too reliant on their phones and need a reality check. Checky lets you know that you are checking your phone way too often.

Checky also allows you to compare your stats with friends. Check out Checky HERE

Android app HERE

Delectable – Wine Scanner & Journal

Delectable is a free app that helps you know your wine. The app allows you to take a photo of a wine label and instantly get ratings and descriptions. You can also keep track of your favorite wines and share recommendations with friends.

See what’s trending and learn about wine from the top winemakers, sommeliers and win critics. You can even buy wines you love from your phone.

• Instant wine recognition: snap a photo and your phone identifies the wine’s name and winemaker in under 3 seconds.
• Wine profile: get reviews and tasting notes on any wine from the world’s leading wine community.
• Personal wine journal: add your own ratings and tasting notes to keep track of your favorite wines.
• Celebrate the moment: tag friends and locations to remember great times and great tastes.
• The world’s largest database of wines: search for any wine by winemaker, grape, vineyard and more.
• Learn from wine superstars: follow top sommeliers, winemakers and wine pros from Napa, Bordeaux, Burgundy, and other top wine regions.
• Buy wine right from your phone and we’ll deliver it to your doorstep! Might we suggest some silver oak cabernet ?

Check out Delectable HERE

KidCam – The Best Camera App for Kids

KidCam is a $2.99 iOS app that is geared towards kids. Kidcam is the best camera app for kids to take photos. The app is designed for kids and built for parents. It allows you to limit the number of photos and videos your kids can take. Once your kids hit that limit, the app will overwrite the previous photos. Kidcam has a separate library for only Kidcam photos & videos to keep separate from your own camera roll. You can manually save photos and videos or bulk delete them all.

KidCam is super easy for kids to take photos as they can tap anywhere on the Smartphone screen and take a photo. KidCam has monster overlays that allow kids to superimpose monster faces on it’s subjects. The shutter delay function prevents kids from tapping the screen too often so they don’t take too many photos.

Check out KidCam HERE

Tiiny – Share tiny photos & looping videos that disappear after 24 hours

Tiiny allows you to share photos & looping videos that will disappear after 24 hours. The service allows unlimited uploads of photos and videos and is free.

The tiny photos and videos can’t be enlarged and are removed after 24hrs. You can browse popular pages and see the best tiny photos worldwide. You can follow friends and other popular Tiiny users.

Check out Tiiny HERE

Siren – Dating app that puts women in control

Siren is a new dating app that puts women in control of their visibility and encourages women to make the first move. Just like real life, Siren enables women to signal to men that they have an interest in them.

Siren is a dating app design for women by women. The app has different standards for women and men signing up for the service. Women enter information such as username, occupation and in-app photo. Men enter information such as age and height that women want to know. Women can control who sees their photo and who can communicate with them. The service takes the creepiness out of dating sites by giving the power to women and less focus on appearance.

Siren uses daily questions to gauge people’s minds and answers. The real-time Siren Call indicates women want to have some fun weather it’s a date, coffee or more.

Check out Siren HERE

Rice – Location-Based Marketplace

Rice is an easy way to trade items you have for item you want. You update your profile with items you like to get rid of. People nearby can browse your selection of items and make offers. When an offer is accepted you can chat with the other person to reach a deal and place to meet.

Check out Rice HERE

Capsule – All your wedding photos in one album

The wedding day is a special moment in time. You want to cherish the moment and capture every second. The professional photographer can only capture so much, let capsule collect all the moments in one photo album.

Capsule works by having all the wedding guests download the app. The app will automatically collect the photos from the special day and put them in one album for the bride and groom to have for the rest of their life to share.

CapsuleCam allows you simply shot a photo of the wedding and instantly upload to your Capsule. View the Capsule album in real-time. Capsule also offers the ability to hashtag photo to post instantly to Instagram. Capsule offers the ability for every guest to order prints, post cards, canvases and Tinybooks. Family & friends can “Like” and comment on all the photos and post in your Capsule. Share your photos on social media networks. Live TV slideshow allows you to see photos in real-time on your TV or projector. Digital Camera and DSLR guests can upload to capsule as well. Capsule has partnered with wedding website The Knot to display on their wedding website. You can also create Digital Photo Books of up to 50 favorite photos.

A real cool product of capsule is the Photo Mosaic Poster that turns all your wedding photos into a Photo Mosaic Poster for $90.

Check out Capsule HERE

Good.Co: Find your culture fit

Good.Co is a new app that offers self-discovery engine and social network built for greater happiness and meaning in their career, relationships and personal lives. The app allows you to take fun, psychological quizzes with friends.

With the app you can discover your hidden personality strengths, the meaning of your relationships with friends and coworkers, companies and jobs that match your personality and thrive in your job with science-based insights.

Check out Good.Co HERE

Kanari – Cloud-based platform for customer experience data

Kanari helps restaurants with the ever important customer experiences data. A great restaurant must have great food but also great customer experience. I have gone to restaurants and never gone back because of the customer experience was very poor.

Kanari helps businesses collect, track and analyze customer experience data. The service uses mobile survey, simple rewards mechanism and user friendly analytics. Kanari figures out what parts of the business need improvement to bring customers back and build loyalty amongst it’s customers.

Check out Kanari HERE