Glimpse: Disappearing Chat

Take a photo or upload from camera and use the colorful draw and text tools to decorate your photo. You can type a text message on top of your photo. All your messages that are viewed disappear, allowing you to share photos and protect your privacy.

Glimpse is free and you can connect with friends by address book, Facebook and Twitter. You can also use the search tool to find people with similar interest. Try out the service by connecting with the founders by adding “ladyboss” and “pax” to your friends list to test out features.

Check out Glimpse HERE

Nextub – Transforming the way that you enjoy your city

Nextub currently in beta phase it launching a new app that helps you figure out what to do at your current location. Nextub continuously learns from the way that you enjoy your days out. Nextub will help you discover new places to go and have fun. It will provide instant and fully updated information wherever you are.

If you tired of going to the same places then Nextub finds other locations to party and have fun. Nextub lets you find all the cool places the locals go to hang out.

Nextub beta will initially launch in London. Check out Nextub HERE

Glitch Wizard – The power to glitch photos

Glitch Wizard is an app that can glitch photos, creating a cool effect. The Glitch Wizard app can create animated GIFs and share them with friends.

Glitch Wizard turns ordinary photos and makes them awesome. You can create mind-bending animations and share them on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram with one tap.

Check out Glitch Wizard HERE

Michigan One Cool Thing By The University of Michigan

The Michigan Engineer magazine is launching a new app. The iOS app delivers cool Cutting-edge technology, amazing photos, and new discoveries. One Cool Thing includes technology research from Michigan and stories from every corner of the world.

In addition to the main feed, you’ll also have access to other great content:
Posts from LabLog (cool research — as it happens)
Updates from Visual Adventures (amazing photography from Michigan and beyond)
Stories from The Michigan Engineer magazine
Pics from I <3 A2 (pics in and around one of the coolest cities in the world) Feed from Some Cool Apps (other great apps we recommend) Plus, share cool content on social media, and use the Decoder feature to unlock videos, photos and more when scanning The Michigan Engineer magazine. Check out the app

KeyMe – Never get locked out again

KeyMe allows you to store your key into the cloud. You simply scan your keys using the KeyMe app and create a digital version of your physical keychain for free. Access your keys from anywhere.

If you get locked out of your house you can find a local KeyMe kiosk and make a physical key at the self-service key cutting kiosks. If you still need help you can find a local locksmith and they can make your key from scratch following instructions KeyMe provides on your Smartphone. KeyMe can also mail you a copy of your keys in several different designs include one that doubles as a bottle opener.

Check out KeyMe HERE

Tour – Automatic Mileage Log App

Tour App is a new app for iPhone that tracks mileage. Tour App uses GPS to track mileage with automatic detection of when you are on foot and when you are driving. An automatic mileage logger is much better than jotting down mileage or using a manual mileage app. Tour app takes mileage logging to the next level by offer a simple and automatic way to log mileage.

The app is simple to use as you just activate Tour when you take off in the morning and stop it again the evening you get home. Tour uses state-of-the-art algorithms to know when you are on foot or going by car and knows when you stop somewhere. The app distinguishes between different events, and enables you to select places from Foursquare to locations you visited. You can create your own categories and classify your trips as work-related, persona, drives home and more. Tour provides statistics of a breakdown of all your miles compiled by year, month, week and category. You can export the data to Excel or as CSVs for further analysis. The combination of Tour and our main product timr makes Tour a tax-office compliant mileage log.

With Tour, mileage tracking becomes easy, automatic and social:
– Offers a very slick user interface.
– Places no longer have to be selected manually, rather they can simply be selected from Foursquare.
– Senses whether you’re on foot or going by car and automatically tracks your drives.
– Enables journeys to be shared with friends through social networks
– Brings ‘self-tracking’ into the car.

-Automatic tracking of journeys via GPS
-Manual registration of journeys
-Categorization of journeys (business/ private/ commute/…)
-Places can be saved
-Selection of places through Foursquare
-File exporting (Excel, CSV)

Tour is a product made by troii Software GmbH. We are an Austrian Software Startup. Check out Tour app HERE

Codeanywhere – Cloud based code editor

Codeanywhere is a multi-platform cloud based code editor that allows you to code and collaborate anywhere on the device you have on hand. With Codeanywhere you can keep up with projects, edit your website and everything else without a computer. You can log on to Codeanywhere from any device and get to work.

Codeanywhere can work on Windows, Mac, Chromebook and even your mobile device. The service is available from $0 to $20 per month based on the features you need.

Check out Codeanywhere HERE

PostalPix – Mobile photos turned into home delivered prints

PostalPix is an easy way to turn mobile photos into real pictures delivered to your door. You simply download the app and select type and size of print you want. PostalPix develops your pictures and then mails your photographs right to you. You can send copies to family and friends too.

Print sizes and prices:
4×6: 21¢ – 33¢*
4×4: 29¢ – 33¢* (perfect for Instagrams!)
5×7: 89¢
5×5: 89¢ (perfect for Instagrams!)
8×10: $3.49
8×8: $3.49 (perfect for Instagrams!)
2×2 grid: $2.49 (printed on 6×6 sheet)

Aluminum sizes and prices:
4×4: $9.99 (perfect for Instagrams!)
5×7: $14.99
8×8: $24.99 (perfect for Instagrams!)
8×10: $24.99

Miscellaneous prices:
Mouse Pad: $9.77
iPhone 4/4S and 5 Case: $34.99

Check out PostalPix HERE

Download Android App HERE

Snappy – Snap from your Mac

Snappy is the unofficial Snapchat client for Macs. Snapchat is only available for Smartphones so Snappy is a nice third party client that works with Macs. On Snappy you can send and receive Snaps. You can add filters to get creative with our pictures and drag and drop images as well.

• Send and receive Snaps
• Drag-and-drop pictures saved on your Mac® to send them as Snaps to all your BFFs.
• Add stickers to your Snaps
• Choose from a great selection of filters to make your selfies look even better.

DWNLD – No code app creation from existing web content

DWNLD allows you to easily create a personalized native app using your existing web content. DWNLD takes your web content from WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Tumblr, RSS Feed and creates a native web app using a premade theme and customized to your liking. The company will even submit the app to the app store for you. The can integrate various media players and social media feeds into the app.

DWNLD is great for anyone that wants to help promote their brand through their own App. The service will start at $15 per month for basic plan and go up from there. Check out DWNLD HERE