Bluethumb – Australia’s fastest growing online art platform

Bluethumb is taking the online art platform to the next level in Australia. Buying and selling art online is the way to go as you get a larger platform to buy and sell art. Instead of going to exhibitions and galleries where you have to deal with gallery assistants, buy at Bluethumb and put more money back to real artists.

Discover new and upcoming artists that may not have the funds to display at a physical space. Buyers can pay with secure SSL credit card transactions and PayPal with a 7 day money back guarantee. Artists can let Bluethumb take care of payments, shipping, web development and marketing. Bluethumb takes a commission of 30% on the art you sell and shipping(starting at $30) is automatically added to the price of the artwork.

Take look at Bluethumb for Artists and Art Collectors HERE

Artsicle – Meet Today’s Artists

Artsicle helps you discover artwork from over 4170 artists in 77 countries. You can search artwork by location or community name. The service is platform to discover today’s artists, working in your neighborhood and around the world.

Buy art from artist in your state or from someone in another country. Artists can become a part of the community and showcase their artwork to the masses. If you are a fan of art then you should check out Artsicle HERE

ArtFido – Buy art directly from the Artist

ArtFido makes it easy to buy art directly from artists. The site offers online sales and auction platform for everyday collectors to browse, search and buy and sell art. ArtFido is all about art and gives the ability to search art by size, price, style, color and more. The service is an excellent alternative to brick and mortar auction houses that charges ridiculous commission fees.

ArtFido is the place to find great art at a wide variety of prices. At ArtFido you can fetch authentic art from artists, galleries and traders from all over the world. Check out ArtFido HERE

Turning Art – Art Rental service

Turning Art is the easiest way to cover your white walls with some fine art. The startup helps you put art on the wall through a monthly subscription. If you like a particular art piece you can purchase the artwork as well. The subscription for the art rental costs as little as $10 per month. Every dollar you spend on the subscription service gives you credit of up to 50% to purchase original artwork. In addition you can use credits towards 100% of art prints.

Turning Art allows you to easily hang your new artwork and swap out anytime you choose using the custom frame. Now you can cover your walls with original artwork from new and upcoming artists. Check out Turning Art HERE

Google Cultural Institute – Discover exhibits and collections from museums and archives all around the world

Google Cultural Institutes takes art online with it’s display of amazing artwork. Google made it easy to search collections, artists, artwork, and user galleries. Google Cultural as of 2013 has over 6 million items of photos, videos, and documents. Art lovers must check out Google Cultural Institutes.

Check out Google Cultural Institutes HERE

Graffmap – Discover and share street art

Graffmap is the best way to discover and share street art. The app allows you to see street art locally and around the world. You can also explore the world’s most beautiful street art with map view. Those who find street art can upload and share their findings with the app.

Graffmap is free app for iOS that helps you discover street art online and in person. Street art comes down to luck, now Graffmap marks it’s location to view the art in person.

Check out Graffmap HERE

Poolga – Art for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch created by selected illustrators

Poolga is a site that offers art wallpaper for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Poolga selects unique artwork from select illustrators and allows us to download them to our devices. Those that like art and want something different should check out Poolga for some great wallpaper.

Poolga is simple to install wallpapers as you go to the site and click on your device in the link section. The site has different resolution based on your device and you download the correct one and install it to your device. Poolga is the place to replace your stock wallpaper with beautiful art that you can take with you anywhere.

Check out Poolga HERE

Kollecto – Personal Art Advisor for you walls

Kollecto is a subscription based service that offers a real life art adviser to decorate your walls with art. The adviser will chat with using video chat and then negotiate prices and help you collect art that will look amazing in your house.

Pricing on the subscription based service starts at $40 per month and goes up to $80 per month. Check out Kollecto HERE