Zubie – Smart device for your car’s health

Zubie is a smart device that plugs into your onboard diagnostic port of any car made after 1996. Zubie tracks your battery, alerts you of problems with the engine, determines fuel cost, and any other issues you may have with your car.

Zubie makes your car a whole lot smarter and provides data that keeps track of your cars health. Zubie is available now for $99.95 a year for families.

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Detroit Electric nearing completion of SP:01 electric sports car

Start-up electric vehicle maker Detroit Electric is getting closer to release it’s SP:01 electric sports car. The company said Wednesday it’s finishing up testing at a facility in Europe. The company will announce more details about sales timelines next week.

Detroit Electric hopes to sell 999 of it’s two seat sports car at a price of $135,000 each. The company is touting the SP:01 as the world’s fastest electric vehicle sporting a 0 to 62mph in 3.7 seconds and reaching a top speed of 155mph. The main competitor Tesla Model S is 25 mph slower than SP:01 if figures are accurate.

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Recall of 820,000 Pilots and Civics

Honda had a bad week as they had to recall of 820,000 Pilots and Civics relating to faulty headlight wiring. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has also initiated an investigation of about 577,000 Pilot S.U.V.’s and Odyssey minivans after reports that their Park interlocks failed, allowing them to roll away.

via New York Times