LIKE A HIPSTER – Discover the places where local hipsters hang out

LIKE A HIPSTER app helps you find the best local places through the help of local hipsters. The app helps you find the best coffee shops, bars, restaurants, clothing stores and local businesses near you. LIKE A HIPSTER uses data from Foursquare and Yelp to identify the best places to go and displays them on a Google Map.

Once you find all the cool places that hipsters like you can visit the places with directions, pricing, website, reviews and phone number.

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Ellusionist – best online training environment for magic tricks

Ellusionist goal is to create the best online training environment for people that want to learn magic tricks. The site has over 60,000 members worldwide, making it the largest online magic forum on the net.

The site allows you to download high quality video of various magic tricks with prices for each video. Those that love magic and want to learn how to do magic tricks should definitely check out Ellusionist HERE

Lowdown for Meetings

Lowdown is an app to schedule meetings. Sign up to the app by simply linking your LinkedIn account. The app gives you the lowdown on meeting times, attendees look like, insights into the Company they work for, and relevant email without having to search.

Lowdown is the app to get to find information on meetings and schedule of times. It is the best app to prepare you for a business meeting. Lowdown is the first business service that helps busy professionals plan, prepare and navigate to meetings


– View meeting information without wifi or signal
– Instant access to details of meeting attendees and their companies
– View shared business and company connections
– See attendees Twitter profiles and tweets
– Contact attendees in two taps
– Relevant emails
– See journey options with travel times and map
– Know what time to set off wherever you are
– View company websites and profile pages

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