SteadyFare – Grand Rapids based Ride-sharing app takes on Uber and Lyft

SteadyFare is a Grand Rapids based ride-share app that can be downloaded for either iOS or Android. The app is similar to popular ride-sharing apps such as Lyft and Uber. Some of the features of this ride-sharing app include better background checks of drivers, drivers keep all tips, better rates for those needing a ride, every ride a portion of the proceeds will go to ending child hood hunger through Will Play For Food Foundation.

Check out the website HERE

College Wagon Train – Online College ride sharing network

College Wagon Train is a site that makes it easy to find a ride to commute to and from college. The idea of College Wagon Train is to find a safe place to coordinate transportation to and from colleges. The online community allows you a free exchange of information and experiences related to all aspects of college ride sharing.

The service is free to join and has many colleges listed to help students get to school safely. College Wagon Train uses banner advertising, member donations, and member verification process, to offer the service for free.

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Zimride – Ridesharing for college students

Zimride is the simplest way for friends, classmates and coworkers to share a ride going the same way. Students that did not have a car had to find ways to get to class. This could be places such as Craigslist which has many unknowns. Zimride creates a safer place for students to get around by using Facebook profiles and reviews to improve the experience and safety.

Zimride you can discuss preferences such as music, smoking and stops to get some coffee. College student no longer have to worry that they no nothing about the person they are riding with.

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Breeze – Rental cars for carsharing drivers

Breeze makes it simple for drivers to work for carsharing companies like Lyft and Uber. The service rents out a hybrid vehicle for only $160 / week and a one-time $150 membership fee. The person can return the car anytime with two weeks notice. Considering you will get a hybrid such as the Prius for rent you will pay less money on gas compared to a large SUV or car.

You can apply online and go through an in-person orientation. Breeze will even help you get signed up to the ridesharing service of your choice. Hop into your Breeze car and start earning money driving for Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar.

Check out Breeze HERE

Bridj – WiFi enabled shuttles provides better transit for everyone

Bridj is a new Carpooling startup where you share a lift. The service uses WiFi enabled shuttles to get you to your job comfortable. Bridj is an express mass transit system. That means you will see less stops and no transfer which will save you time compared to public transportation.

You reserve a seat and enjoy a premium seat with complimentary WIFI. Bridj crunch data points to create smart routes based on where people live and work. During limited beta the fare starts at $1 and eventually will cost a little more than a subway ride, but less than a taxi.

Check out Bridj HERE

BlaBlaCar – Car Sharing service covering Europe

BlaBlaCar connects drivers with empty seats and paying passengers to offset long distance travel costs. Recently both Lyft and Uber have come out with features in the U.S. using a similar service.

BlaBlaCar is used by 1 million members a month for their travels. BlaBlaCar has 7 million member community that offers thousands of destinations across Europe every day.

Check out BlaBlaCar HERE

UberPool – Share a ride and split the cost using UberPool

UberPool is like carpooling for Uber riders. You share a ride with people who are going the same direction and split the cost of the ride. UberPool is a game changer that will make taking a cab a thing of the past. The service is currently being offered in San Francisco with more cities in the future.

UberPool works just like before, push the button and get a car in five minutes. Uber will try to find a match for a co-rider and notify you of their first name. If Uber can not find a co-rider the service will still offer you a discount.

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