Snappy – Snap from your Mac

Snappy is the unofficial Snapchat client for Macs. Snapchat is only available for Smartphones so Snappy is a nice third party client that works with Macs. On Snappy you can send and receive Snaps. You can add filters to get creative with our pictures and drag and drop images as well.

• Send and receive Snaps
• Drag-and-drop pictures saved on your Mac® to send them as Snaps to all your BFFs.
• Add stickers to your Snaps
• Choose from a great selection of filters to make your selfies look even better.

Shots – Selfies and Photo app

Shots app is a way to share photo and selfies of what you are doing at the moment. The app also includes a chat feature with friends by using Reply Shot you can respond to a selfie by using a private message.

Check out Shots by Shots Mobile, Inc. HERE

LokLok – Messenger app that works on the Lock Screen of your Android Phone

LokLok is one of the coolest chat programs I have heard about recently. LokLok works directly on your lock screen to chat with friends and family. LokLok takes your lock screen and creates a shared lock screen that only your inner circle can see. The lock screen is sync with others in you group. You can take a picture and then scribble a message which someone close to you can see and respond to. The groups are private and no history is saved.

Check out LokLok HERE

You&Me – Messaging for Couples

You & Me message app is geared toward couples who want to exchange messages, text, and video to each other in a private chat. The chat program has a library where you can post all your couple pictures. You can send secret messages that are hidden till your partner reveals them. You&Me also has a music sharing feature to send to your significant other.

Check out You & Me chat HERE

Fuse – Group Chat program that burns out

Fuse is a group chat program where you spark a conversation and light a fuse until the fuse burns out and the conversation disappears. A neat feature is ghost mode where someone can write something anonymous during the group chat. The app allows you to share photos and messages in a private group of friends but for only a moment.

Check Fuse HERE