RealtyShares – Real Estate Crowdfunding

RealtyShares is a crowdfunding marketplace for high quality real estate investments. You simply signup for an account for free and gain access to exclusive private real estate investments and high quality real estate companies.

Registered members can browse the marketplace of real estate investments and access a detailed page of the specific offering. Once you decide to invest, you can sign the paperwork through DocuSign and transfer funds through Balanced.

Each investment has a certain funding goal which needs to be met and your funds are put in escrow until that goal is reached. Once reached, you own a share of that property. If the goal is not met, your money will be returned in full.

RealtyShares offers a dashboard that monitors all your investments and returns. In the dashboard you can receive updates and manage your investor documents.

Check out Realty Shares HERE

FlyShark Smartwatch

Apple is not the only one launching a new Smartwatch to the market. FlyShark, a company that previously launched a wireless keyboard on Kickstarter and is introducing a new one HERE. The FlyShark Smartwatch is a swiss army knife of smart watches. It features a standalone mobile phone, heart rate monitor, exercise tracker, sleep quality monitor and so much more.

The FlyShark Smartwatch can send AND receive messages, and make private calls without touching your phone. Just simply pop a Micro-SIM card and you have a Smartwatch phone on your wrist. The watch can also use Bluetooth and work with your Smartphone as well. The FlyShark Smartwatch also features a 2MP camera for quick photo taking moments. The exercise tracker and heart rate monitor will keep you in good health. The watch is available for preorder for as low as $79 early bird offer HERE

Flyshark – A New Concept in Folding Keyboard Technology

Flyshark wireless keyboard is a small, lightweight, foldable keyboard that is designed for smart devices. The wireless keyboard will work with both IOS and Android phones and tablets. The fold-ability of keyboard makes it perfect to take in a pocket with your mobile device.

The Flyshark keyboard uses Broadcom Bluetooth chip that is using the 3.0 protocol. The Flyshark keyboard is available now for preorder at Kickstarter for as low as $55 HERE

Avantgarde Date Watch – The Rebirth Of An 80 Year Old Brand

After 80 years Avantgarde watch brand returns with force through Kickstarter. The company is resurrected after a long time away. Continuing its mission to create aesthetic Luxury Swiss timepieces, the Avantgarde Date is the first model in their new collection. Inspired by former Lebois & Co collections and using some of the aesthetics of that era, the Avantgarde Date is a modern 40mm timepiece in stainless steel and a Swiss mechanical automatic movement made by ETA.

The watch can be preorder for €995 shipped (about $1,113.49 USD) HERE

Creatura Drink innovates bottle design and new line of soda, energy drink and water

Creatura Drink is a new line of drinks that is being funded on Indiegogo. Creatura is an ultra pure cola made from the finest all natural ingredients. The bottle is a unique ergonomic package that uses 30% plant-based materials that are 100% recyclable. The company will come out with an exclusive Private Cola flavor as well as energy infused drinks and hydrating water.

Check out the project HERE

Mogobike Folding Electric Scooter

MOGO Bike is a 20mph eletric bike that is fold-able for easy carry. The MOGO Bike is powered by 500 watt motors , mounted in the front and rear wheel hubs, Mogobike cruises over hills and uneven surfaces with ease – reaching speeds of up to 20 mph! The MOGO BIKE is road friendly with VIN for registration and licensing taken care of. The bike folds into a compact shape that is easy to transport like a roller luggage. The Mogobike Folding Electric Scooter $1,395 will set you back $1,395. Check out the Kickstarter campaign HERE

FOGO – Ultimate Adventure Gadget now on Kickstarter

FOGO is the ultimate adventure gadget with built in flashlight, gps, Bluetooth, backup battery and a digital walkie talkie. The gadget is perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

Fogo Feature Summary:

GPS Receiver
USB Backup Battery
App Based OS
Bluetooth LE (aka Bluetooth Smart)
Motion Tracker/Pedometer (Accelerometer)
Backlit LCD Screen
Ambient Light Sensor
Digital Compass (Magnetometer)
Bicycle Computer (Speed, Elevation, Odometer, Bluetooth Sensors)
Rechargeable, Field-Replaceable Batteries
SmartCap Interface (USB/UART/5V Power)
128MB built-in Flash storage

Digital Walkie Talkie SmartCap Feature Summary:

Send/Receive Text Messages
Real-time Voice Communications
Digital Voice Messaging
Built-in Microphone and Speaker

The company has raised $30,826 of it’s $125,000 goal with 26 days to go. The FOGO can be preordered for as little as $175 HERE

Honey Flow – Honey on tap

Honey Flow is an Indiegogo project that offers Honey on tap directly from the Beehive. Flow is a revolutionary beehive invention, allowing you to harvest honey without opening the hive and with minimal disturbance to the bees.

Flow allows you to turn the tap and watch as pure, fresh, clean honey flows right out of the hive and into your jar. The company claims no mess, no fuss, and no expensive equipment without disturbing the bees.

The company has raised an amazing $1,002,630 surpassing it’s goal of $70,000 with 42 days to go. Check out the Indiegogo project HERE


Orbitkey is a great way to organize your keys. The Melbourne based start-up created a pratical way to carry your keys. With Orbitkey you no longer will have jingling keys. The Orbitkey stacks your keys in the Orbitkey. You can just slide out the key you need and open the door. The OrbitKey began as a successful Kickstarter project and now is available to purchase at the site HERE

GoTo Belt

GoTo Belt is a Kickstarter project that creates the ultimate belt for guys. The GoTo Belt uses a track sewn into the leather that can be adjusted through the belt buckle. The belt has no holes and can be easily adjusted.

GoTo Belt uses the best top grain leather and the belt can be cut to size your waist. You can own a GoTo Belt for as little as $40 through Kickstarter HERE