Verve – LED Vest you can see a mile away

Verve is an retro-reflective vest embedded with waterproof custom-color LEDs for runners, bicyclists, and anyone who wants to be seen at night. The idea is that your own visibility at night will make you safer while on a bike or running when visibility is less than ideal. On coming traffic will easily see you and maneuver around you.

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Jyrobike – Auto Balance Bicycle

Jyrobike on Kickstarter ditches the training wheels for a Control Hub built into the front wheel that is able to generate a stabilising force that resists the toppling force of gravity. The Jyrobike is for those first time bike riders for kids. As your kid learns to ride you can dial down the auto balancing feature until your child rides on his/her own.

You can get a Control Hub for a $79 pledge or a complete Jyrobike for $249.

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Sentri – Smart home security system

Sentri Kickstarter campaign offers a complete smart home security solution to control your home from anywhere. The company is made up of former HTC and Acer engineers.

Sentri gives you a 360-degree view of your home. Sentri comes preloaded with HD Video camera and motion detector. The device can determine temperature inside, air quality, light sensor, humidity, accelerometer. You can monitor everything going on in your home through your smartphone.

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Embarq Footwear – Recycled shoes you can return and recycle again

Indiegogo Project Embarq Footwear is trying to raise funds for shoe made of recycled plastic bottle and rubber tires.

Jeremey Padilla idea is for people to buy the recycled shoes and wear them until you need another. The company offers 50% off next pair if you return the shoes that have worn out.

The company is looking for 35,000 with 58 more days left in the campaign.

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OTTO – The Hackable GIF Camera

Next Thing Co. are creators of the OTTO – The Hackable GIF Camera now on Kickstarter. The company has already funded it’s project with 68 hours to go.

Otto is a customizable and hackable digital camera that is powered by Raspberry Pi. The idea is for this camera to create GIFs with and other things. It is not about pushing megapixels rather being creative with photography and video.

Kickstarter Page HERE

TubeStart – Crowdfunding for vlogs & web series

Youtube has become a hub for young people to launch their careers. On video sites like Youtube you can find skits, sketch comedy, pranks, comedy, drama, talented singers, magicians, video reviews, and other unique video content.

TubeStart is a Crowdfunding site that helps people fund video content ideas and equipment. Those who get funding could become the next internet superstar.

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TrackR bravo Thinnest GPS tracker that can track your dog, keys, and your lost items

Trackr Bravo is the thinnest tracking device which you use your smartphone to relocate things. The projects has hit Indiegogo and can be had for as little as $29. I lose things all the time so I think the idea is fantastic to find your wallet or keys. Also the Trackr Bravo can ring your phone even in silent mode.

Check out the Indiegogo project HERE

FaceOff™ is a multipurpose messenger bag with a super stylish, modular design

Kickstarter project FaceOff™ is a multipurpose messenger bag with a super stylish, modular design. The bag allows you to change the front flap and change it’s look, function, and storage capacity in seconds. FaceOff™ is made of from recyclable fabric, works as a backpack, cross body and tote bag.

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