Dapt.io – Create Online courses

Daptio allows you to create and manage your own course content, on your own website. Dapt.io is optimized for mobile first. The service provides granular Analytics of your students knowledge and course content. Dapt.io provides high engagement because students receive content that they need most. You can adapt the service at the speed and content that suits your students.

Dapt.io is easy to start, Dapt.io will set you up as an institution and add admins. You download the Content Factory for course creation software. You paste the embed code on your site and students can login and start working.

Check out Dapt.io HERE

EdTrips – Field Trips made easy

EdTrips makes field trips easy and drives more visitors to educational destinations by consolidating the booking and payment of trips among multiple locations and services.

EdTrips helps you search educational programs by subject, grade level and location. EdTrips handpicks venues to go on field trips with your students.

Educators can explore a trip by subject, grade and location. They can book a date for their next field trip and pay online. EdTrips is an easy way to plan a field trips for your students all online without the hassle.

Check out EdTrips HERE

Clutch – Video Guides that follow your college textbooks

Clutch is a startup that helps college students learn by offering texbook specific video courses. The in-depth video courses will help college students get better grades. Clutch helps you better understand college courses by going in-depth with the textbook and bridges the gap between reading and learning.

Clutch has over 50,000+ hours of cumulative tutoring to offer. The videos match your textbook and give you relevant information to better understand the coursework. Check out Clutch HERE

ClusterFlunk – Meet and discuss college courses online

ClusterFlunk has created a online place where college students can share notes and talk to classmates. With ClusterFlunk you can have access to every student in your lecture hall and communicate with them. ClusterFlunk makes top students the celebrity of the class and /or university. ClusterFlunk offers the ability to upload and download course files. The service also allows you to anonymously register, post, and share files.

ClusterFlunk is a valuable resource for students and the founders also being students offers the service for free for life. If you are a current college student you must try out ClusterFlunk HERE

Campadillo – Take control over your academic experience

Campadillo is a service to improve the way students and teachers communicate, take notes and handle assignments. Campadillo help student manage their time in school, and help them plan their education.

Students will be able to manage their school assignments, keep track of their progress and manage group discussions. Teachers and professors can keep track of student’s activity, manage assignments and send out new projects and materials.

Check out Campadillo HERE

Allclasses – Search engine for online And local classes

Allclasses is the Google of searching online and local classes. You choose a location and allclasses will search your area for classes. Allclasses allows you to modify the search to filter distance, online or local, price, career field, and school. The search engine will display the class along with price and date with a click-able link with more info.

Check out Allclasses HERE

Longhorn Startup – Learn Entrepreneurship first hand at University of Texas

Longhorn Startup is now accepting applications for the fall. Longhorn Startup fosters startup innovation at the University of Texas. The program features Seminar, Labs & Studio.

The Longhorn Startup Seminar has a course for individual students wishing to benefit from in class learning of entrepreneurship. The Longhorn Startup Studio serves both professors seeking to commercialize university tech and leaders of growing tech brands who are past the early startup stage.

Check out Longhorn Startup program HERE

Codestarter – Donate to fund kids learn to code

Codestarter idea is very simple and that is helping kids learn to code. They do this by getting $250 donated for a latpop for one child to learn to program. Codestarter wants to get underrepresented African Americans, Hispanics, and Women to pursue computer science professions.

Codestarter will start with this summer running a pilot program of 4 U.S.-based CoderDojos and expand worldwide in the fall.

The code kit includes an Acer Chromebook, pre-loaded with Linux and a variety of programming languages. Also included is a manual for getting started and working offline. Codestarter spends 100% of your donation to purchase laptops for kids, and the company will send you a receipt for a tax deduction.

Visit Codestarters today to donate HERE

Uvize – Academic Success For Military Veterans

Camaraderie doesn’t have to end once you leave the battlefield. Uvize idea is to create a community that forms a mentor network made up of students, veterans, staff, family and other supporters to help veterans on campus achieve success.

Uvize helps grow the community online and includes features to meet up in person at events.

Check them out HERE