REGULAR COFFEE – Online coffee subscription service

Regular Coffee is a subscription based coffee service. You can order a tube of delicious, fresh-roasted whole-bean coffee 1.5lbs every month delivered to your door. You can customize your subscription to add more tubes and frequency. The tubes are $30 and you can order in either Regular or Decaf.

Regular Coffee is currently a blend of typica (59%), caturra (35%), and Colombia (6%) varietals from the Lengupá Province in Colombia. The company keeps and simple and offers up the best coffee delivered to your door.

Check out Regular Coffee HERE

Fitsnack – Health Delivered

Fitsnack is a monthly subscription service that delivers healthy snacks delivered to your door. The plans start at $24 with shipping included per month or $240 for 1 year.

The box is not filled with carrots or celery but rather things such as veggie chips, nuts, pancake mix, healthy chips, energy gummies, cookies, brownies, shake mix and more. The box also includes hidden workout challenges as healthy snacks are just one part of becoming a fitter you.

Fitsnack is for everyone from a mom to a teenager or a college student looking for a midnight snack while cramming for finals. Join the club now HERE

Driftaway Coffee – Subscription based coffee delivery

Those that love coffee might be interested in this new service that curates coffee based on your taste. Discover four different coffees with unique taste profiles. Brew the coffee in the kit and let them know which ones you like. Based on your taste, Driftaway Coffee will send out freshly roasted coffee.

The service offers two price points:

7 oz of coffee, delivered every two weeks
$4 for first delivery, then $12 // Free Shipping

11 oz of coffee, delivered every two weeks
$4 for first delivery, then $16 // Free Shipping

You can pause or cancel your subscription at anytime. The roasting happens every week on Friday and ship on Saturday. The company ships USPS First Class from Brooklyn, NY and takes 1 to 3 days. To brew the best coffee, the service sends whole-bean coffee so you can grind your own coffee right before brewing. Check out the service HERE

YEAH DAWG featured on Restaurant Startup now raising funds on Kickstarter

Yeah Dawg was featured on the show Restaurant Startup but did not get funding. The company is now looking to fund their dreams through Kickstarter. Yeah Dawg is a plant based hot dog that serves soy and gluten free Dawgs. The Dawgs include toppings with an assortment of home made fermented krauts, pickled toppings, coconut bacon, and our own cashew mayonnaise.

The Yeah Dawgs consist of a blend of beets, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, sunflower seeds, GF flours, herbs and spices. Yeah Dawgs are the only soy and gluten free dawg to hit the market. Yeah Dawg currently has $6,464 funding of it’s $25,000 goal. The campaign still has 20 days to go and needs more funding to reach it’s goal.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign HERE

#HackTheMenu – The Ultimate Collection of Secret Menus

#HackTheMenu is the number 1 site for Secret Menu items you can find at fast food restaurants. Secret Menus include unofficial and unadvertised menu selections at fast food restaurant chains. Most of the items are created by customers and pass on by word of mouth. They are items that do not exist on the regular menu but can be created by special request.

#HackTheMenu has created the best resource to find all the cool special items you can get at your favorite fast food chain. There are hundreds of items available by just asking at a restaurant. Check out #HackTheMenu HERE

uberFRESH – Order lunch with Uber app in Santa Monica

UberFRESH is testing a new lunch order service starting August 26th until September 5th in Santa Monica. Anyone in Santa Monica with the Uber app can order lunch from 11:30am-2:30pm.

The menu includes:
Tuesday – Tender Greens – Rustic Chicken Soup & Romaine Hearts Caesar Salad

Wednesday – 41 Ocean – Farmer’s Market Salad

Thursday – Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery – Large Godmother with The Works (mild)

Friday – Tender Greens – Roasted Roma Tomato Soup & Baby Arugula Salad

Each meal is $12 and includes a complimentary cookie from Cookie Good

Check out UberFresh HERE

Alyssa’s Bakery – Mark Cuban likes these high fiber low carb cookies

Mark Cuban influence is immense as shown when Cuban referenced Alyssa’s Cookies in an interview the site crashed with the amount of traffic it was getting. Cuban mention Alyssa’s Cookies on The Dan Patrick Show as the best product he invested in. Cuban’s glowing endorsement cause the site to go down and is still not fully operational.

Alyssa’s Cookies started it’s life in 2010 when they’re were available at a retail bakery/deli store. The company wanted to create a higher quality cookie and the first cookie was a healthy oatmeal cookie with dried fruits and almonds. The company has expanded to a protein cookie and a line of gluten free cookies. Alyssa’s Cookie recently added Oatmeal Bites and Vegan Bites to it’s line.

The company maintains these standards to make a high quality healthy cookie

Authenticity from scratch to finish using only 100% natural ingredients.

1- Use only raw, simple, unprocessed, unrefined, 100% natural ingredients
2- Bake everything from scratch.
3- Use no fillers, flavoring, or shortcuts.
4- Accept no compromises in quality.

Check out Alyssa’s Cookies HERE

Tony Horton Kitchen – Weekly delivery of fantastic meals straight to your door

Fitness trainer Tony Horton has opened up Tony Horton Kitchen to help people with the other side of getting fit. A top notch diet is very important part of any fitness program. Tony Horton kitchen offers meals that are fresh & organic, gluten & dairy-free, vegan options, and no sugar/low salt.

Every week, Tony Horton Kitchen will deliver full of meals that open and put into the fridge. When you get hungry just pick one and heat up the meal. Tony Horton Kitchen makes it easy to eat healthy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Pair the meals with a fitness plan and you are on your way to a better you.

Check out Tony Horton Kitchen HERE

PlateJoy – Health Eating for Busy People

PlateJoy takes what you like to eat and customized a delicious meal plan that you will enjoy. You get to select the exact meals you like to eat for the week with a few simple clicks. The fresh ingredients and recipe will be delivered to you within 24 hours. You discovery a whole new world of foods and ways to cook that are easy and fast.

Cooking should be fast and that is why the breakfast and lunch meals can be made cooked within 10 minutes and dinners in under 30 minutes. The company delivers 7 days a week during any two hour time window, fresh from your grocery store.

PlateJoy is launching in Boston and San Francisco and partner with grocery delivery partners Whole Foods and Peapod. Check out PlateJoy HERE

Chef Ami – Cooking made easy

Chef Ami is a service that delivers everything you need to cook quick delicious meals in your home. If you are sick of greasy take-out, Chef Ami may be your answer.

Chef Ami created it’s dishes based on master French chef Michel Maloiseau guidance. Chef Ami meals are nutritious, easy to cook, and only take about 30 minutes to prep and cook. Every week Chef Ami picks three featured meals in it’s menu that include as many in season and locally grown ingredients. Check out Chef Ami HERE