UberCHEF: On-Demand Chefs in the Hamptons

Kitchensurfing & Uber have partnered to create UberCHEF, an on demand chef service in the Hamptons. The service will create 4 course meals for $35 per person.

If you happen to be in the Hamptons on August 9th, open the Uber app. You can request which Chef you want. If the Kitchensurfing chef is available, you will receive confirmation by phone and confirm your party size, location, and dietary restrictions. The service will be your Uber account so no cash need at the time of service.

Check out UberCHEF HERE

Push for Pizza – The easiest way to order pizza

Push For Pizza is an iOS app that allows you to order pizza in a snap. Simple push the magical pizza button, pick nearby pizza places, choose your pizza toppings, confirm your order, and pizza is delivered with payment and tip already paid up.

Push for Pizza was created by five teens and one adult to make ordering pizza easier. They found that order pizza by phone and website to be too much of a hassle so they created Push for Pizza. The dead simple app allows you to order pizza in a fast and convenient way for the next generation of tech savvy people.

Check out Push for Pizza HERE

Forage – Recreate restaurant dishes at home

Forage offers a service that gathers the best recipes from notable restaurants and ships the ingredients needed to make it. The person then receives the ingredients, recipe, and tips from the chef. You can now create a dish that the best restaurants prepare from their menu.

Home cooking sometimes get stagnate, cooking the same thing over and over again. Forage helps you open your mind to new possibilities and helps you prepare awesome dishes at home. Check out Forage HERE

RedMart – Singapore Online Grocery shopping delivered to your door

RedMart is Singapore’s leading online store for groceries and household goods. RedMart allows you to buy things using it’s app or website and have it delivered to your door. The service makes grocery shopping convenient for the busy traveler who does not have the time to shop while in Singapore.

RedMart will deliver the groceries to your door from it’s warehouse within a 2 hour delivery window. The service offers free delivery over $49 for first time customers and $75 for subsequent purchases. The service delivers 7 days a week and no more waiting in line at the local shopping mart.

Check out RedMart HERE

Sumo Jerky – Monthly beef jerky delivery service

Sumo Jerky is a monthly beef jerky delivery service. The company makes artisan small batch jerky that delivered to your office workers. Each month you can discover new flavors with a snack size bag per person. Employees can stick to one flavor or share with other co-workers and swap for their favorites.

Sumo Jerky is only $5 per month and includes these perks:

Super healthy & delicious jerky.
Monthly jerky tasting = fun team event that brings the office together
No food comas or sugar crashes. No clean up, no set up, no dirty dishes!
100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Artisan kale chips, organic dried fruit slices, and sea salted almonds available as substitutes for vegetarians.

Check out Sumo Jerky HERE

HelloFresh – Offers a recipe and the ingredients to your door

HelloFresh makes cooking easy and healthy. The service offers a recipe and all the ingredients needed to make the dish which is delivered to your door. HelloFresh sends you the freshest produce and deliver free to your home. Once you receive the box of produce and recipe you can prepare the dish in about 30 minutes. The service offers a weekly delivery with the option to skip weeks you do not wish to purchase.

Check out HelloFresh HERE

Stretch Recipes

Stretch is an app that helps pair how much money you have for groceries with the food dislikes and nutritional chef recipes. Also the app lets user earn point towards coupons.

The app is great for those who are on a budget and need recipes to eat healthier along with coupons to save in the future.

Visit Stretch Recipes HERE

Food Circles – Buy One, Feed One

Grand Rapids startup aim is to feed children. They do this by offering a sweet deal for hungry customers at local restaurants. Buy an appetizer/food item from a local restaurant for as little as a dollar and 100% of the funds goes to feed children.

You grab a voucher from the website or app and then go to the restaurant to redeem it. 100% of that purchase goes to get food for children who need it.

Each dollar spent at a diner will feed a child in need a meal or an entire day’s worth of food to a child in West Africa. You have choices where the donation goes to.

Check out Food Circles HERE

Crave.ly – Restaurant Menu Management Solution

Crave.ly helps restaurants manage their menus online. Restaurants tend to have terrible websites that show the menu with text only. Crave.ly allows you to add logos, pictures, descriptions, pricing, and photo galleries. Crave.ly also allows you to manage your food items and disable something if you run out. You can also keep your menu up to date on the site.

Consumers can find new food items by searching crave.ly for food items like taco’s, burgers, spicy, steak, and more. The site is optimized for mobile and can return by GPS your location to find local restaurants in your area.

Check out Crave.ly HERE