Burpy – Delivers Groceries same day services from any store

Burpy offers delivery service of groceries from any store if you reside in Austin Texas, Houston, and San Antonio. The site offers a list of popular products like if you need some Red Bull, Coke Cola, Listerine, Crest toothpaste, Axe deodorant.

Burpy offers a wide selection of beverages, groceries, snacks, candies, and health and beauty products.

Burpy average delivery to Austin or Houston is about 3 hours. The online grocery store has over 50,000 to choose from and has a fast lane to upload your grocery list for Burpy to deliver to you. The site offers free delivers when you order $50 or more. Get your groceries to your home fast and hassle free with Burpy today.

Visit the site HERE

Exo – Foodie Startup that makes protein bars from Cricket Flour

Remember the episode of Saved by the Bell where Zach offered the principal Mr. Belding chocolate covered insects? Well the concept is a reality with foodie startup Exo Protein Bars. The Exo Protein bars are made with cricket flour which is high in protein and micro-nutrients. Each bar is packed with approximately 40 crickets.

The Protein Bars comes in Cacao Nut, PB&J, and Cashew Ginger. The bars run for 12 for $36 or subscription will save you 10%.

Order a Exo Protein Bar Made with Cricket Flour HERE