Ride-On Carry-On

When traveling you want to travel light, so taking a stroller will add another thing to take with you when traveling. As shown on Shark Tank, Ride-On Carry-On solves the problem of transporting small children while traveling.

Ride-On Carry On attaches to your luggage, the Headrest doubles as a tray table, Folds flat and fits in the over head bin, Fits any carry on luggage 18-22″ tall. It is a safe and secure child seat that attaches to your luggage.

Buy it now through Amazon for $45.95 here

FOGO – Ultimate Adventure Gadget now on Kickstarter

FOGO is the ultimate adventure gadget with built in flashlight, gps, Bluetooth, backup battery and a digital walkie talkie. The gadget is perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

Fogo Feature Summary:

GPS Receiver
USB Backup Battery
App Based OS
Bluetooth LE (aka Bluetooth Smart)
Motion Tracker/Pedometer (Accelerometer)
Backlit LCD Screen
Ambient Light Sensor
Digital Compass (Magnetometer)
Bicycle Computer (Speed, Elevation, Odometer, Bluetooth Sensors)
Rechargeable, Field-Replaceable Batteries
SmartCap Interface (USB/UART/5V Power)
128MB built-in Flash storage

Digital Walkie Talkie SmartCap Feature Summary:

Send/Receive Text Messages
Real-time Voice Communications
Digital Voice Messaging
Built-in Microphone and Speaker

The company has raised $30,826 of it’s $125,000 goal with 26 days to go. The FOGO can be preordered for as little as $175 HERE


Orbitkey is a great way to organize your keys. The Melbourne based start-up created a pratical way to carry your keys. With Orbitkey you no longer will have jingling keys. The Orbitkey stacks your keys in the Orbitkey. You can just slide out the key you need and open the door. The OrbitKey began as a successful Kickstarter project and now is available to purchase at the site HERE

Sesame2 – Locks your Mac when you walk away

Sesame2 is a small device that fits in your pocket or on a landyard. Sesame2 will lock your Mac screen when you walk away from the laptop or computer. When you come back, Sesame2 will automatically unlock your screen. Sesame2 will make sure your private data stays private when you leave your laptop or mac computer somewhere.

The Sesame2 is available now for $49 HERE

uBeam – Wireless Electricity

Meredith Perry CEO of uBeam, has created a unique wireless charging solution. The uBeam converts electricity to sound and sends it through the air over ultrasound waves. Then it is reconverts it back to electricity using a receiver. The tech is being billed as Wi-Fi for energy.

Perry has demonstrated a concept prototype of uBeam and investors appear to be impressed. The company has big time investors in Marissa Mayer, Founders Fund and Andreessen Horowitz. The company also has filed 18 patents related to wireless charging and ultrasound technology to the patent office.

The uBeam wireless charger will charge up your smartphones, laptops, and portable electronics without any cords. The technical specs will be kept secret until the product launches at a future date.

Consumers have been waiting for wireless charging to become a reality and uBeam is close to making it happen. Check out uBeam HERE

Smokio – Smart eCig

Smokio is the first connected eCig. The Smokio eCig uses a smartphone app to capture your vitals info on smoking. The app will tell you how much nicotine your body has and tracks your smoking habits while helping you cut down on the habit.

The app also shows you the potential increase in life expectancy when using eCigs compared to real cigarettes. The Smokio kit includes a rechargeable battery, one clearomizer, and a USB charger. The Smokio Smart eCig is available now for $99.90 for the classic or $94.90 for the Mini Kit.

Founded in August 2013, Smokio the Paris-based company has developed the first connected- e-cigarette that synchornizes automatically with your smartphone and monitors your nicotine habit.

Check out Smokio HERE

Download at Android App Store HERE

Navdy – Head-Up Display projects info on your windshield

Navdy is a transparent Head-Up Display that displays information as it’s floating six feet in front of you. The device uses your Smartphone to display navigation and other information on your windshield. The great thing is that it can be used with your existing car.

Navdy is the future of how we receive information in our car. Now you can focus on the road yet still have important information in front of you in a new innovative way.

Navdy is available for preorder at $299 with a shipping date of early 2015. Check out Navdy HERE

Typo2 – Blackberry style keyboard attachment for your iPhone

I was recently talking to a friend about how awesome the Blackberry keyboard is. He mentioned since moving to the iPhone he has lost a couple of seconds typing out text messages. Typo2 solves the issue of productivity by offering a physical keyboard to the iPhone. Typo 2 offers the best of both worlds with the great keyboard of devices of the past with the great screen of the iPhone.

Preorder the Typo2 HERE

NomadPlus – 2-in-1 charging solution

NomadPlus turns your Apple wall charger into a backup battery. The NomadPlus connects to your wall charger and adds a 1500mAh battery. The NomadPlus pack enough power to charge your phone 70% after you unplug it from the wall. The NomadPlus would be ideal for traveler that need emergency backup battery when they are not near an outlet.

The NomadPlus is available for preorder for just $39. Preorder the item HERE