Muse – the brain sensing headband

Muse is a brain fitness tool that helps you stay calm and manage stress, stay focused and do more with your mind. Muse detects and measures your brain activity. Muse then gives feedback on your Smartphone or Tablet using Bluetooth.

Muse uses 7 finely calibrated EEG sensors to detect and measure the activity of your brain. The sensory input is translated into real-time feedback. As little of 3 minutes of day of use can help you improve mental performance, to relax and many other benefits

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Sense by Hello – Simple system to track your sleep behavior

Sense is a new Kickstarter project that tracks sleep behavior. Sense is the first system to combine info of sleep patterns with data of the environment in your bedroom, including noise, light, temperature, humidity and particles in the air.

Sense also has a Smart Alarm that wakes you before you get groggy. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Pledge to Sense at Kickstarter HERE

Kano – Make a computer and coding kit for all ages

Kano is a computer kit that you make yourself. The computer kit is perfect to learn coding with for all ages. The Kano computer kit is similar to product such as the Raspberry Pi.

Kano makes it easy to build a computer, and then create games and music, and watch HD video. Kano make it easy to start programming in minutes with simple blocks that create real code like Minecraft TNT towers and Pong.

Included in Kit:
Kano Books, illustrated and intuitive
Kano OS and Levels – 8GB SD card
DIY Speaker
Raspberry Pi Model B
Kano Keyboard
Custom case
Card mods and stencils
Cables: HDMI, Micro-USB
Worldwide power plug
WiFi powerup
Ships in September

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Uiee – Portable power pack

Uiee is a beautifully designed portable power pack that you can carry with you. The unique power pack and wall charger comes with a built-in retractable cable with fold-out prongs.

Uiee has a built in 800 mah battery so it can be used as a emergency backup battery with power for three hours. The Uiee is compatible with Apple products that use the lightning connector and Android phones that use micro-usb.

Preorder the Uiee HERE

TriMi Tank – Tank top with interchangeable straps

TriMi Tank is a tank top with three interchangeable set of straps that allows you to change up the style of the TriMi Tank. A double link chain with accent black beads set comes with every shirt. You also get to choose two more additional straps.

Founders of the TriMi Tank are two mothers who came up with the concept at a hockey practice. Nikki Bilski and Lindsay Johnson were featured on the show Shark Tank.

Check out TriMi Tank HERE

CarLock – monitor and protect your car from theft using your smartphone

CarLock plugs into your OBD connector in your car/suv and provides 24/7 protection of your vehicle using your smartphone. Carlocks notifies your phone when it detect suspicious activity. CarLock uses GPS positioning to track where you car is at all times. The data is collected and sent to the cloud where it is analyzed in case of any unexpected activity. When CarLock finds an intruder, Carlock will notify you by a loud push notification and SMS backup notification.

Now you can monitor car even if you are in another country at the time. Carlock notifies you when a car is moved, when the car is started, car vibration detected, battery low, Carlock device disconnected, and GPS signal is lost.

Check out CarLock HERE

Backtracker – Device that makes cycling safer

Backtracker is device that attaches to your bike that offers safety measures that protect you from vehicles behind you. Backtracker is a two part system, the front unit offers up the speed and distance of vehicles behind you, and the back unit alerts motorist your position with increasing frequent light pulses as the vehicles nears.

Check out Backtracker HERE

BrushUp – The ToothBrush Training Game

Sometimes it’s a pain to get your kids to brush. One startup is trying to get kids to brush their teeth with this innovative learning game for iOS and Android devices. You can also get the Budd’s BlueToothbrush which uses bluetooth to pair with your smartphone to gain data on your children’s brushing habits.

Kickstarter Page HERE

Find out more about BrushUp HERE

Weather@Home Line

We just had a huge downpour here with heavy winds. I tried to check the weather channels but could not find what channel it was on. I wish I had this Weather@Home which pairs with your smartphone using Bluetooth technology and proving weather updates such as the 12hrs forecast, air pressure, indoor/outdoor temperature, humidity and even the changing phases of the moon.

Product Page HERE

AW133 Grill Right Bluetooth BBQ Smart thermometer

No longer do you have to wait in front of your grill for your food to be ready. The AW133 Grill Right Bluetooth BBQ Smart thermometer
alerts you when the meat has reached it’s perfect temperature. You can program your choice of eight entrees and choose how you want your grill items to turn out.

Data viewable from the main unit or a Smart Device via Bluetooth® using the Grill Right app
Smart app available in iOS and Android operating systems
App includes access to thousands of recipes on
Color changing display & sound alert on main unit
3 Modes: Meat Profiles / Countdown Timer / Target Temperature
Measure meat & air temperature
150′ transmission range
Supports dual probe
Water splash resistant
Touch Key Screen

Product Page HERE