Quitbit lighter

Quitbit is a smart lighter that tracks your smoking habits. Quitbit lighter is used to help you to stop smoking by getting an idea of how much your smoking and how you can quit gradually.

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Logitech’s K810 keyboard

A keyboard is a keyboard unless it’s the Logitech’s K810 keyboard which can pair with 3 devices at one time and switch apps in Windows 8. In addition the keyboard has backlit keys and will sell for $100. Look for the Logitech’s K810 keyboard to hit stores in October.

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Canopy Sensus

The Canopy Sensus is a gaming case protector for the iPhone 4s. The Sensus also by adding touch input to a device’s entire outer surface. The case senses 10 input touches for better gaming on the 4s. You can preorder now for a early 2013 release on the website for $39.

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The world’s most expensive – and luxurious – vacuum cleaner.

HYLA U.S. Gassmann, Inc. announces the world’s most expensive – and luxurious – vacuum cleaner.

Artists in Berlin, Germany have taken over 100 hours to hand-encrust the HYLA GST with 32,000 genuine Swarovski Elements. The original shiny black exterior of the HYLA GST, featuring chrome and carbon accents, has been enhanced with black, grey and white Swarovski Elements, making it sparkle and glimmer with even the slightest trace of light.

The one-of-a-kind Swarovski-Encrusted HYLA GST has a suggested retail price of $21,900, making it not just the world’s most luxurious vacuum cleaner but the world’s most expensive one too.

But while the HYLA GST may be in the category of “vacuum cleaners”, it is really so much more than that. By using only clean, pure water as the filter, you can clean your home in style with no dirty bags or messy filters to deal with; in addition, the HYLA GST can be used as an air filter, purifying your home’s air of indoor air pollutants.

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Onda VX520

Here is a new MP4 player from Onda called the VX520. The player featurs a 3 inch screen and 720P HDMI Output. Also support for H.264 encoded MKV and RMVB, AVI, VOB, MOV, DAT, FLV files.

via MP4nation

Microsoft’s Courier

Courier is for real and awesome. The dual 7″ screen multi-touch looks wonderful. This thing has potential to be better than the Apple Tablet. Eat your hearts out Apple fans.