Smarty Pins – Google Maps based trivia game

Smarty Pins uses Google Maps to answer trivia questions on various topics from Entertainment, Sports, Art and Culture and more. You simply drop the pin where you believe the answer took place. Smarty Pins is a fun game to answer trivia questions about location of special occurrences.

Check out Smarty Pins HERE

Godus – Sculpt an entire world and play God to your Followers

Godus is a game that allows you to play God to an entire world. Godus allows you to rule over a living, breathing world.

The game allows you to physically shape, mold, and sculpt every inch of the landscape. The game tiny devoted followers that love and worship you. Watch your followers live, learn, and grow in this simulated world. Watch your world go from the dawn of primitive age and advances throughout the ages. Cast miracles of beauty and destruction that include sculpting rivers, grow forest, or throw meteors and spread fires. Guide your Followers as they embark on the uncharted lands.

Godus is a one of a kind game that leads you on an incredible journey that you can make your own. Check out Godus HERE

Halo 4 Live Action Trailer

In anticipation of Halo 4 this Live Action Trailer was made by David Fincher. Fincher who directed Fight Club created a bit of back story about Master Chief in the trailer. Watch the trailer now and Halo 4 is expected to see a release on the Xbox 360 come 6th of November.