Creatura Drink innovates bottle design and new line of soda, energy drink and water

Creatura Drink is a new line of drinks that is being funded on Indiegogo. Creatura is an ultra pure cola made from the finest all natural ingredients. The bottle is a unique ergonomic package that uses 30% plant-based materials that are 100% recyclable. The company will come out with an exclusive Private Cola flavor as well as energy infused drinks and hydrating water.

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Honey Flow – Honey on tap

Honey Flow is an Indiegogo project that offers Honey on tap directly from the Beehive. Flow is a revolutionary beehive invention, allowing you to harvest honey without opening the hive and with minimal disturbance to the bees.

Flow allows you to turn the tap and watch as pure, fresh, clean honey flows right out of the hive and into your jar. The company claims no mess, no fuss, and no expensive equipment without disturbing the bees.

The company has raised an amazing $1,002,630 surpassing it’s goal of $70,000 with 42 days to go. Check out the Indiegogo project HERE

PadBot – Turns your iPad into a 3 foot tall robot

PadBot is a new Indiegogo project that aims to turn turn your iPad into a 3 foot tall robot that can be controlled from anywhere with your Smartphone. The iPad attaches to the neck of the motorized vehicle called the PadBot. Using the intuitive app, you can wirelessly connect, communicate and navigate in any indoor space.

The Padbot has sensors on the base to prevent being knocked over. In addition the PadBot the can be used to attend birthday parties for out of town family and be present at meetings with the PadBot. The PadBot allows you to remotely connect with your team and family.

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Talkitt – People with a speech disabilities can now speak freely

Talkitt is one those projects that needs attention. It is an idea that could help millions of people with a speech disability have their own voice.

Talkitt is an app that translate unintelligible pronunciation from any language and turns it into understandable speech. Talkitt uses speech recognition technology to analyze the user’s vocal patterns and speak their words in understandable language. The app will work with any language the person speaks.

Talkitt plans to launch the platform on any smartphone or tablet. Talkitt in the future will run on PCs, laptops and wearable devices allowing the person to have as many options as possible to use the service.

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The Defender: Smart Personal Protection

Defender is the first device that utilizes your Smartphone to protect you against attacks and theives. The Defender Smart Protection Device offers a self-defense tool, mobile medical alert, and 24/7 monitoring service.

The Defender connects to your Smartphone over Bluetooth, and should a stranger approach you, with a single button press takes a picture of the assailant using the built in Smartphone camera, turns on flash light and audible alarm, and dispenses pepper spray to protect you.

Other features include GPS location of where you are, information sent to the 24/7 monitoring service, which notifies authorities.

Pledge to this Indiegogo project HERE – identifies whether the drink has been drugged is a new product raising funds on Indiegogo that identifies drinks that have been modified. The idea is that this product would prevent date rape drugs from being slip into drinks. is a small battery-operated device that, when immersed in a beverage, will id whether the drink has been drugged. is re-usable and can id in some cases, the exact drug. tests light, current and temperature of the drink. When paired with a Smartphone it can access an extensive database of drink profiles and alert you when the drink is tampered with.

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Embarq Footwear – Recycled shoes you can return and recycle again

Indiegogo Project Embarq Footwear is trying to raise funds for shoe made of recycled plastic bottle and rubber tires.

Jeremey Padilla idea is for people to buy the recycled shoes and wear them until you need another. The company offers 50% off next pair if you return the shoes that have worn out.

The company is looking for 35,000 with 58 more days left in the campaign.

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