Tickle – Teach kids to code

Tickle is a Kickstarter project that teaches kids how to code using Scratch programming language. The iPad app make programming fun and easy as playing Legos. Tickle teaches anyone the fundamentals of coding. Kids learn how to animate characters by putting together building blocks of code. Tickle is powerful enough to build popular games, create new games, and program objects like AR.Drone.

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PRESA – The first wallet in the world that fits onto every smartphone

PRESA is the only wallet that fits onto every smartphone. In the past, wallets were made for specific models of phones and became obsolete when new models came out. PRESA is a one size fits all solution to have a wallet with your Smartphone.

PRESA is handmade and uses fine Napa leather, the minimalist wallet has enough room for your essential items. The grip strap secures your smartphone to the wallet and will not scratch the phone. Now you can carry both your wallet and phone in the same place.

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Swing Bin – Japanese Designer Reinvents the Trash Can

Japanese designer Shigeichiro Takeuchi had a dream to create the most elegant and minimalist waste bin that the world has ever seen. The creation was the Swing Bin, a waste bin with no mechanisms, screws, gears or wires to tilt the lid. The Swing Bin consists of only a cylinder with a diagonal cut and a lid that fits precisely. The Swing Bin displays ultimate simplicity, yet adds an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere to your living space.

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Barak Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

If you ever wanted to own an electric bike then this conversion kit might be right for you. This electric bicycle conversion kit allows you to convert your regular bicycle into an electric bicycle. The Barak Ebike Conversion Kit consists of only four parts which are easily bolted onto any bicycle to convert it into an electric bicycle. The kit consists of a hub motor wheel, battery, controller and throttle.

The kit is super easy to install and the whole project takes less than 15 minutes to complete. The low power version kits start at $585 with the high power kit starts at $640. The project is currently 10,167 with a goal of $12,000 in funding.

Check out Barak Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit on Kickstarter HERE

CrowdLoot – Daily List of the best Kickstarter projects

CrowdLoot is called the Product Hunt of Kickstarter Projects. Discover the best and most interesting Kickstarter project by a group of influencers in the Crowdfunding field. The post and comments are limited to a select group of people recommended by the community.

CrowdLoot hopes to create a new community of people to discover the best Kickstarter projects to share and back.

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FitFIT – Streams live fitness classes from the best gym and studios

FitFIT is allows you to stream live fitness classes so you can follow along and get fit. The service takes the pressure off going to the fitness class and you can choose the workout that works best for your.

FitFIT works where you want, and at the schedule that is flexible to you. FitFIT allows you to stream live classes using your connect devices such as Smartphones, tablets, and Smart TVs. FitFIT is perfect for all levels of fitness from the elite to the casual fitness enthusiast. FitFIT offerings ranging from Yoga, Body Sculpting, Step, Spinning, Combat, Barre, Strength, Cardio, Resistance Band, Boot Camp, and more.

Check out FitFIT on Kickstarter HERE

The Message Board – Chalkboard reinvented

The Message Board is trying to update the chalkboard into something cool and modern. The Message Board is a personalized magnetic chalkboard with your choice of colors, image and message. Design them as you like! Use your own photos!

The Message Board can be customized to the users liking. You can add graphics, text and choose fun background colors. The Message Board is magnetic so it can stick to many surfaces. A proprietary Safety Hanger makes it easy to hang and secure. The Message Board is a writing tool, but also a piece art and conversation piece at your home or business.

Check out Message Board on Kickstarter HERE

BlueJewelz – Real Jewelry with Notification Technology

BlueJewelz is a new wearable tech for stylish women. The company combines wearable technology with fashion. BlueJewelz stands out because of it high end styling and additional Swarovski crystals and precious metals. The Notif disc fits inside the jewelry necklace.

A free app for smartphones allows you to set setting for vibration pattern. The special Notif disc comes in four colors and can be placed into different BlueJewelz jewelry to help women express their personal style. The BlueJewelz discreetly vibrates when you receive a phone call or message from selected contacts or a reminder of an important event on your calendar.

Check out the Kickstarter project HERE

Revocharge Magnetic Snap-On Wireless Charging System

Revocharge is a magnetic snap-on charger for iPhone & Android. The charging system allows you to charge wirelessly using its phone case and battery. In addition you can get a sync & charge dock, car charger mount and an arm band.

Revocharge phone cases comes with a ultra-thin 2000mAh battery that attaches to the case and charges your phone wirelessly. The magnetic battery contains a micro USB input, allowing you to charge both the battery, and your phone, simultaneously, while syncing data such as music and apps. Once the phone is fully charged you can remove the battery and recharge it. Revocharge is better than any previous wireless charging system solution as others were slow to charge the device.

The Revocharge features include:

Autosense technology optimizes the charge for any smartphone, boosting efficiency
Uses straight pin-to-pin connections and conductive charging, making the process fast and efficient
You can attach your phone to a variety of mounting systems – car, desk, armband, or belt clip
Has a Turbo Jet cover to plugin your headphones
A Desk Mount compatible with iOS, Android and Windows systems, provides two USB outputs to charge additional devices

Revocharge is now looking for funding on Kickstarter with $4,396 of it’s $15,000 ulitmate goal with 43 days left to go. Pledge now this project HERE

LightMode – Tron inspired Motorcycle helmet

LightMode is a Kickstarter project that has kits and motorcycle helmets that were inspired by Tron. The kit will convert your helmet into a illuminating helmet with superior visibility.

LightMode has created a permanent helmet modification that surrounds your helmet with electroluminescent(EL) materials in true 360 degree fashion. The idea of the helmet is to help other vehiles on the road see the motorcyclist as they become visible with the illuminated helmet.

Every LightMode will have a small controller that controls three mode selections:constant glow, blink, and off. The controllers uses two AA batteries and last 13 hours using 2000mAh NiMh rechargeables.

Check out the Kickstarter project HERE