SpekPack – The ultimate spectator accessory pack

SpekPack is the ultimate pack to haul your gear from your car to and from an event. The company took the idea of the Kangaroo pouch to make a SpekPack pouch efficient as hauling your stuff.

The SpekPack has features such as removable insulated cooler, heavy duty caster wheels, tripods legs to keep bag upright, chairs and umbrella compartment. SpekPack can carry blankets, cameras, sunscreen, phones, binders, laptop, tablets and more. Pricing starts from $125 for early bird contributors and going up from there. The fully loaded model comes with Superbrella, a super-sized shade umbrella and two folding chairs.

Check out SpekPack project HERE

Easybulb Plus – Smartphone controlled Lightbulb with Voice Command

Easybulb Plus is a Kickstarter project that is an energy-saving light bulb that is controlled by your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

The Easybulb Plus allows you to control your home or office lighting using your mobile device and computer via WIFI. You can choose the color or lighting from a color wheel on the mobile app. You can set the light to match your mood, control individual lights or groups of lights and use a timer function and night sleep mode to tell lights to gradually dim. Check out Easybulb Plus on Kickstarter HERE

ONENAME GLOBAL (ON-G) – Social Media Dashboard for all your social media sites

ONENAME GLOBAL is a new Kickstarter project to create a digital hub for all your social media accounts in a single dashboard. This means you can link up your Facebook, Twitter, LinkeDIn to a single dashboard page. ON-G even allows you to respond, like, share and post all from your dashboard page.

ON-G also can help you earn advertising money from social media. The service offers a ON’G’s Ad-Share Marketplace to make money. You can also track ad stats & earnings.

ONENAME GLOBAL currently has 30+ social networks working for beta, but some do not allow you to post to or from a dashboard. ONENAME GLOBAL will make social media management a whole lot easier and you can earn along the way too.

Check out ONENAME GLOBAL on Kickstarter HERE

Official Page HERE

Gidgi Solar Case – Solar power charger and case

Kickstarter project Gidgi Solar case is a universal solar power charger and case. Gidgi Solar case uses solar panels to quickly charge your device. The bullet-proof glass protect your phone from hard drops and shocks. The water resistant fabric shields your phone from the elements. The built in wallet allows you to add credit cards and ID to the case. The design of Gidgi is foolproof for future phones as it fits today and tomorrow’s Smartphones.

Check out the Kickstarter page HERE

GoGlove – Wearable Bluetooth glove that control your music

GoGlove is a wearable Bluetooh enabled glove that ineracts with your Smartphone. The idea came about from the frustration of dealing with music while skiing. GoGlove is geared towards skiiers, runners, bikers, and more.

GoGlove allows you to play, pause, skip, back, control volume, take a picture and activate Siri, from your fingertips, wireless. In addition to the GoGlove, backers of the Kickstarter project will get a GoBand which is a wrist strap version with buttons when not wearing the GoGlove.

Check out the GoGlove project HERE

Nuseti – Mountain bike with Inner Drive System hits Kickstarter

Nuseti is a Mountain bike that was first developed in 2008 and is finally ready for prime-time. The Mountain bike called Nuseti features Inner Drive System – a revolutionary drive unit. Nuseti with its carbon fiber frame and Inner Drive System, provides impressive performance in any terrain. The low maintenance Drive System is fully encapsulated making it the best solution for all weather conditions.

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RIL Eyewear – Google Glass compatible glasses

RIL Eyewear has launched a line of glasses for the Google Glass. The eyewear is very fashionable and can be worn with or without Google Glass. The Pacific collection includes the Stinson, Baker, and Miramar. The glasses are handcrafted with medical grade titanium and precision milled walnut veneer.

The Kickstarter page is currently at $3,163 of it’s $15,000 goal

Check out the Kickstarter project HERE

Tessel Anti-Gravity Pack inspired by Space Exploration

The Tessel AG Pack was inspired by Daniel Shirley fascination with space exploration. He went on to design this Tessel AG Pack that is a modular pack system. Each piece of the Tessel AG (Anti-Gravity) Pack is designed to separate and fulfill a specific mission. The backpack uses magnetic hardware to easy attach and detach its components.

The Tessel AG Pack allows you to use the complete unit or carry the parts you need. The AG Pack has coated zippers and fabrics to protect anything from a 15″ laptop to your flash-drive.

Check out the Kickstarter Page HERE

Beacon & Lively – Jewelry and Tech in one Smart Bracelet

Beacon & Lively are currently taking preorders through Kickstarter for their smart bracelet. The B&L Cuff features ambient colors and slight vibrations for notifications of someone calling with the ability to shut it off with a flick of the wrist.

The B&L Cuff has different illuminating colors to indicate different groups such as friends, coworkers, babysitter and more. You set the colors that indicate who they are and instantly know who is calling.

Other features include

-Design that fits your style – The B&L Cuff is cast in a modern design that compliments your lifestyle. It’s jewelry first, technology second.
-Ambient alerts that you control – Notification-specific colors, patterns and vibration intensity can be easily customized by you. Make the B&L Cuff reflect your particular aesthetic and fit into your particular surrounding.
-Discreet muting – Turning off notifications is as seamless as a flick of the wrist or a tap on the cuff.
-A battery that lasts a work week – The battery lasts about 5 days on a single charge.
-Personalized profiles – You can configure your alerts by notification type (text, email, phone, etc.).
-VIPs – Set unique alert profiles for the people that matter most on your contact list.
-Illumination-off mode – Turn off illumination for movies, meetings, and other times when you require the illumination alerts to stay off (alerts by vibration only).

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