Sentri – Smart home security system

Sentri Kickstarter campaign offers a complete smart home security solution to control your home from anywhere. The company is made up of former HTC and Acer engineers.

Sentri gives you a 360-degree view of your home. Sentri comes preloaded with HD Video camera and motion detector. The device can determine temperature inside, air quality, light sensor, humidity, accelerometer. You can monitor everything going on in your home through your smartphone.

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OTTO – The Hackable GIF Camera

Next Thing Co. are creators of the OTTO – The Hackable GIF Camera now on Kickstarter. The company has already funded it’s project with 68 hours to go.

Otto is a customizable and hackable digital camera that is powered by Raspberry Pi. The idea is for this camera to create GIFs with and other things. It is not about pushing megapixels rather being creative with photography and video.

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FaceOff™ is a multipurpose messenger bag with a super stylish, modular design

Kickstarter project FaceOff™ is a multipurpose messenger bag with a super stylish, modular design. The bag allows you to change the front flap and change it’s look, function, and storage capacity in seconds. FaceOff™ is made of from recyclable fabric, works as a backpack, cross body and tote bag.

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Glance – Kickstarter campaign turns any watch into a Smart Watch

Glance is an accessory to your watch that turns it into a Smartwatch. Glance helps you find your phone, enables motion control and has activity tracking.


Size: 35mm (length), 10mm (height), strap width (small 18mm, medium 22mm, large 26mm)
Bluetooth Smart/4.0 Connects to your iOS or Android Device
Glance comes with a premium leather band, if you do not have a watch to wear it with
Sensors: 3D Motion Sensor
OLED Screen
Water Resistance, we are working on make it waterproof to 5 ATM
Slides onto your metallic or leather watch strap
Lithium polymer battery, 1-week battery life
Haptic feedback

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Ann Arbor Startup Avegant’s Glyph the next Oculus

The successful Kickstarter campaign netted the company 1.5 million dollars to create the wearable mobile personal theatre with premium built in audio. The Glyph is the first head-mounted display to feature virtual retinal display(VRD).

The VRD display was created by Dr. Allan Evans which generates images by reflected light. The display will allow you to watch movies and play video games without eye strain using this technology. The 45-degree field-of-view creates an immersive experience while maintaining the users peripheral vision.

Evans came back to Michigan to start the company with a friend and now co-founder and CEO Ed Tang. The company has five U of M graduates working for the company include Tang.

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StayblCam – Super Steady Video for iPhone, GoPro, and other devices

StayblCam was designed to remove the shanky video of devices like the GoPro, iPhone, and Smartphones. You simply attach your device to StayblCam and shoot better video.

Some features include

Easy to use with one hand
Full control of tilt, pan, and angles
Collapsible and compact for easy storage
No adjustments of nuts, bolts, or counterbalancing

The Kickstarter project has already passed it’s $35,000 goal but you can still get a StaybleCam HERE

Teen Entrepreneur Ryan Rist gets funded on Kickstarter with Rist Custom Coasters

18 Year old high school student Entrepreneur Ryan Rist has reached it’s $500 goal for the Rist Custom Coasters. The Kickstarter project is still going with $1,337 reached so far with an end date of Sun, Jul 6 2014.

Rist Custom Coasters project allows you to choose an image and color to create a one of a kind custom coaster. You can choose to use an image of your favorite team, business logo, wedding photo, family picture and more.

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WalletM8 is wallet size stand for your tablet, smartphone, camera, and more. The stand is perfect when watching movies or videos and need a quick stand to prop up your device. It is also great for travel on airplanes.

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Kitchen Workstation In Bamboo

KWIB is a workstation where you can dock your tablet or smartphone to look up recipes while your cooking. The Kitchen Workstation in Bamboo holds your devices, cookbooks, and utensils. Kitchen Workstation In Bamboo is a cool workstation for your kitchen with a high tech twist.

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