LIKE A HIPSTER – Discover the places where local hipsters hang out

LIKE A HIPSTER app helps you find the best local places through the help of local hipsters. The app helps you find the best coffee shops, bars, restaurants, clothing stores and local businesses near you. LIKE A HIPSTER uses data from Foursquare and Yelp to identify the best places to go and displays them on a Google Map.

Once you find all the cool places that hipsters like you can visit the places with directions, pricing, website, reviews and phone number.

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ZettaMobile – Location-based mobile advertising company

Zettamobile help small businesses compete with national companies by offering location-based mobile advertising solution. ZettaMobile allows small businesses to create ads, set a budget and launch their ads to mobile apps and websites based on customer locations.

The company uses Geo-fence technology to send locally-targeted ads. The potential customers will get coupons and promotions that will lead to more business for the small business company.

Zettamobile costs $100 per month for 25,000 view and goes up to $1000 a month for 250,000 views. Check out Zettamobile HERE

Wake Me Up – Shake it up to turn off Smart morning alarm clock

Wake Me Up by MESS Apps is a alarm clock managing system. The app requires you to shake your phone to snooze or turn off the alarm. You can schedule weekly alarms to make sure you are never late again or as a helpful reminder

-Weekly alarms, safety alarm, and shake feature for every kind of sleeper
-Three skins to suit everyone’s desire (Pro, Child, and Hip)
-Add a photo to start your day seeing a photo of your loved ones (in-app purchase)
-Wake Me Up tells you the weather of your current location so you can decide whether to get up or snuggle up a little longer without having to take a look outside (in-app purchase)
-Choose one of our 10 wake up tunes or select songs from your iTunes library to start the day (in-app purchase ?)
-Sign in and share your morning jams on Facebook
-Beautiful design and easy navigation

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FreedomPop close to 250,000 subscribers for it’s free mobile service

FreedomPop is close to hitting 250,000 later this month while adding 100,000 customer this year alone. Initially FreedomPop launched a WIFI hotspot service but then added a phone service in October. FreedomPop offers a free data,text, and voice plan with higher tiers for extra services.

FreedomPop states that 60 percent of phone customers stick to the free plan. The free plan is free but customers have to be careful of overages.

FreedomPop also launched a new $20 unlimited plan that gets you unlimited text messages, voice minutes, and data. The $20 unlimited plan include 1GB of LTE data per month then is throttled back to 3G.

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Rumor Samsung may unveil standalone Smartwatch as early as June

The current crop of SmartWatches you needed to pair with a phone but the new SmartWatch Samsung will unveil will allow you to make and receive calls without having to tether a mobile device.

Samsung is working with an unidentified US, Korean and European telecommunications carriers about a so-called “watch-phone” that is rumored to be unveiled between June or July of this year.

The proposed watch-phone will run on Samsung’s Tizen operating software and take photos, handle email, and monitor your heart rate.

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T-Mobile iPhone 5 may arrive early next year

T-Mobile is rumored to finally sell iPhones in store. T-Mobile has long offered support for iPhone’s on their network but never sold iPhones in the past. Morgan Stanley analyst Nick Delfas says that T-Mobile could “announce official iPhone distribution in early 2013. At the moment T-Mobile is the only major carrier not selling iPhones.

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iFone S688 for $175 with Free EMS Shipping at

– 3.2 inch full color LCD touch screen
– Built-in digital FM tuner (87.5Mhz~108Mhz)
– Fully unlocked
– Built-in Bluetooth
– Tri-band GSM network support: 900/1800/1900 Mhz
– Phone supports English and Chinese languages (other international languages are available but vary in each production batch)
– 256MB TF memory card included
– English user’s guide included
– USB Data Cable, Stereo Headset, AC Charger (110V~220V) included
– 2 x rechargeable lithium batteries included
* Warranty information is located in the specifications section
* Free EMS Shipping Upgrade: when you purchase this item, everything else that’s shipped with this item will be upgraded to EMS shipping at no additional charges.

$175 with Free EMS Shipping

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