Clifton – A Flat Engagement Ring case

Clifton is a cool way to present an engagement ring to your future wife. The Clifton is a flat wallet type case that opens to display an engagement ring in all it’s glory. The concept design was created in 2011, titled “Packed Engagement Ring”, and then launched under the name “Clifton” in 2014.

The Clifton Flat Engagement Ring Case is available now for 99CAD HERE – Images printed directly to glass

ImageToGlass offers a unique way to display digital images. The photos you purchased are printed in full color on smooth glass and arrive to hang. ImageToGlass uses specialized UV cured printing technology so your images are printed directly to glass. ImageToGlass is the most unique and innovative way to display your pictures at your home.

Check out ImageToGlass HERE

Audience Entertainment – Interactive Experiences for the Movie Theater

Audience Entertainment is making the big screen an interactive screen. Combining digital projectors with Audience Entertainment’s pioneering technology, AE replaces passive projection with interactive, crowd-controlled experience.

Audience Entertainment has partnered with Barco, world leader in digital cinema projection and will roll out a network of installations at movie theaters, malls, concert auditoriums and more.

Audience Entertainment enables interactivity of advertising, hidden or alternative content, controllable trailers, and selectable movies.

Check out Audience Entertainment HERE

Navdy – Head-Up Display projects info on your windshield

Navdy is a transparent Head-Up Display that displays information as it’s floating six feet in front of you. The device uses your Smartphone to display navigation and other information on your windshield. The great thing is that it can be used with your existing car.

Navdy is the future of how we receive information in our car. Now you can focus on the road yet still have important information in front of you in a new innovative way.

Navdy is available for preorder at $299 with a shipping date of early 2015. Check out Navdy HERE